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  1. What is sold by Tiffany & Co. of New York City?

  2. Who became the 48th vice president of the United States in 2017?

  3. On which network is Sean Hannity a fixture?

  4. Which president created the Purple Heart decoration?

  5. What popular snack was originally called "Saratoga Chips"?

  6. For what product was the John B. Stetson Co. famous?

  7. In the song, "your daddy's rich" and your mama is what?

  8. Poem: "I never saw a purple __; I never hope to see one."

  9. Term for the period between 1920 and 1933


  1. Jewelry

  2. Mike Pence

  3. Fox News

  4. George Washington

  5. Potato chips

  6. Hats (cowboy)

  7. "Good looking"

  8. Cow

  9. Prohibition

HomeStyle on 08/10/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Americana

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