Life On The Road Keeps Comic Happy

Courtesy photo Touring comedian, actor and writer Aubree Sweeney rolls her traveling RV into Bentonville for a stand-up comedy show on Saturday.

It’s a strange thing, Aubree Sweeney explains, to realize opinions you thought no one could relate to are not only extremely relatable, but can build connections between people.

“We’re all kind of doing the same thing together and having the same experiences so it’s nice to know that other people feel the same, even if it’s something stupid like being irritated when teenagers don’t pick up their feet when they walk,” she says with a laugh.

Sweeney is a stand-up comedian, actor and writer touring the country in her RV, along with her two fur-faced companions She-Ra the cat and Paco the dog. Taking her whole life on the road with the RV, instead of just her act, allows Sweeney to spend more time in every city she travels to and get more outside time.

“One hundred percent full time living in LA in an apartment, I was getting burned out. I was not normal Aubree,” she remembers. “Being able to travel and take a minute and go to a beach or go to a lake or go on a hike — being able to incorporate the travel and getting outside — just really keeps me balanced.”

Sweeney will surely share some of her tales from the road during her show at Meteor Guitar Gallery in Bentonville on Saturday, but she’s also begun sharing them in her travel podcast “Comedy & Camping.” Born of a conversation that started with Sweeney asking for directions and ended with learning about harvesting peppers, the podcast presented a way for her to share stories about the interesting people she meets on the road.

“We’re all just so busy and I’m learning interesting things that I wouldn’t have known,” Sweeney says of the platform she never intended to venture into. “The coolest part about about podcasting, is you’re getting to connect. You’re sitting across from somebody and there aren’t any phones, there aren’t any distractions. And I kind of hope it encourages people, podcast or no podcast, to sit down without distractions and have a real conversation.”

Sweeney will be in Arkansas for about two weeks collecting material for the travel series. She’s always looking for cool trails, good restaurants and off-the-beaten-path encounters, so come to the show with your best recommendations!


Aubree Sweeney

WHEN — 8 p.m. Saturday

WHERE — Meteor Guitar Gallery in Bentonville.

COST — $12.50-$20

INFO — 268-1500,,