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Obsession with race

I never understood why in this country the words "Semite/Semitic" are used when reference is made to only Jewish people. Well, here is a news flash: All peoples who lived in Mesopotamia and surrounding areas--Akkadians, Sumerians, Assyrians and others including Jews and Arabs--were called Semites, and their languages were called Semitic languages.

Today some of those groups do not exist or exist only in small groups because they have been absorbed into other cultures, but Jews and Arabs certainly do. Therefore it would be correct to say "Jews" or "Jewish people" and not keep saying anti-Semite when meaning prejudice against Jews.

Having said that, why are we still so obsessed with race and ethnicity in this 21st century? We all know that none of us had any say-so regarding what race or ethnicity or what country, or what social class we would be born into. Therefore, the important thing is how we conduct ourselves and how we treat others according to their conduct, nothing else!



Praying for courage

Saturday, the Easter Vigil for Christians and Passover for Jews begin on the same night. It strikes me that both celebrations share similar themes of liberation, release, forgiveness, hope, new life. It makes me think of the millions of people who will be gathering, remembering, celebrating and praying.

Perhaps the opportunity Christians and Jews share uniquely this year is that of praying for the courage to speak out against the abuse of power, of owning our own complicity with oppressors and their misuse of authority. Perhaps our prayer can include prayers for healing of those abused, strength for those burdened by corrupt rule or injustice, for rescue for those overwhelmed by fear, violence, insecurity, for those homeless--for those in "exodus" worldwide and seeking asylum ... and that all nations abide by the enlightened international law that gives migrating people the basic human right to apply for asylum and have that petition evaluated fairly.


Little Rock

Schiff preoccupation

The first thing we want in the person who heads the Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives is intelligence. The second is an open mind so that they will not be blindsided. I believe Rep. Adam Schiff certainly meets the first criteria, but is lacking in the second.

His Trump obsession is akin to Captain Ahab's obsession with the white whale in Melville's masterpiece Moby Dick. In the end, Captain Ahab's ship was sunk and his crew perished. So with this ongoing obsession, what is the nation blinded to?



Editorial on 04/15/2019

Print Headline: Letters

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