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A fire at the Jones Mill Industrial Park near Malvern is expected to burn for several days because the building has been deemed too unsafe to enter, officials said.

Rockport Fire Department firefighters along with eight Hot Spring County fire departments responded to the blaze about 6:30 a.m. Sunday at the waste facility, Fire Chief Damon Dyer said. Officials said there were no injuries.

"The roof has already collapsed, and there is a lot of wood and scrap burning inside," Dyer said Sunday. "We can't get to the bottom of the scrap where the fire is located. All we can do right now is contain it where it is at."

Dyer said the scrap inside the county-owned facility is 300 to 400 yards long, and the pile is 70 foot wide and 20 feet tall.

"The scrap is next to the support beam and causing integrity problems," Dyer said. "It's just too dangerous."

He said 60-65 firefighters arrived to fight the fire and battled to contain it for several hours.

"We are going to have to send firefighters out to Jones Mill Industrial Park every day until the fire gets to the point where it can safely be put out," Dyer said. "We have 28 firefighters so it will be a strain on our manpower, but we can handle it."

State Desk on 04/15/2019

Print Headline: Chief: Scraps fire in central Arkansas to burn for days

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