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April 4

Todd Justin Boyd, 54, Rogers, and Ruth Alexandra Rueda-Gaitan, 48, Bella Vista

Samuel Chanse Floyd, 35, and Julie Erin Coon, 27, both of Rogers

Adam Glenn Hackett, 36, and Alycia Elizabeth Ward, 27, both of Bella Vista

Travis Ray Hall, 32, and Kayla Dawn Brewer, 28, both of Bentonville

Chryz Michael Humphrys, 55, Siloam Springs, and Anna Jill Barlow, 52, Summers

Raymond Joseph Martinez, 29, and Morgan Lyn Rosales, 22, both of Bentonville

Zacharie Brian Roach, 25, and Mercedes Nicole Wiley, 25, both of Fort Worth, Texas

Eskel Desmond Ross, 46, and Dusty Mae Dawn Meins, 43, both of Rogers

Austin Scott Thrasher, 25, and Tatum Lin Tanner, 21, both of Centerton

Timothy John Warden, 43, and Melissa Jane Varnell, 37, both of Garfield

Travis Justin Willems, 27, and Emily Elizabeth Pappas, 26, both of Little Rock

April 5

Robert Michael Albertson, 45, and Lisa Marie Blackwood, 46, both of Rogers

Edmund Charles Benson Jr., 56, and Barbara Ann Crabb, 51, both of Bentonville

Caleb Lee Bynum, 28, and Breanna Grace Gulledge, 28, both of Rogers

John Dalton Cain, 25, and Dana Dawn Thompson, 22, both of Joplin, Mo.

Bryan Franklin Coker, 43, and Cristi Denae Hugus, 37, both of Decatur

Scott Edward DeBusk Jr., 35, and Jessica Claudette Foux, 26, both of Pittsburg, Kan.

Clyde O. Ford Jr., 69, and Donna Charisse Taylor, 61, both of Lowell

Buster Lee Hulse, 60, and Linda Gail Roe, 61, both of Lowell

Samuel Joseph Jones, 45, and Iesha Tamicka Ways, 38, both of Bentonville

Coby Daniel McCauley, 20, Bentonville, and Jillian Diane Peralta, 18, Centerton

Hunter Conner Munch, 22, Little Rock, and Katlyn Elizabeth Gardenhire, 24, Beebe

Steven Michael Pagluica, 42, and Andrea Tucker Womble, 34, both of Rogers

Chase Hunter Robison, 24, and Erica Ray Olinghouse, 24, both of Decatur

Jackie Harold Rogers, 49, Rogers, and Shelly Kay Marie Martin, 43, Garfield

Santiago Vanegas-Arbelaez, 23, and Gwendolyn Mackenzie Anderson, 23, both of Siloam Springs

Zachory Alan Wolfe, 22, and Kambrean Jarissa Barrett, 20, both of Siloam Springs

April 8

Jonathan Carl Bradley, 60, and Lennie Faye Boylan, 57, both of Pineville, Mo.

Carter Timothy Drain, 23, Springdale, and Elizabeth Anna Brott, 25, Siloam Springs

Ethan Michael Higgins, 24, Pea Ridge, and Nina Catherine Echelle, 21, Stigler, Okla.

Marvin John Longsine, 70, and Janet Kay Burrow, 69, both of Siloam Springs

Caleb Joel Murry, 29, and Michelle June Tolly, 26, both of Rogers

Jesse William Stanley, 30, and Lindsay Marie Vandiver, 35, both of Bentonville

Saylor Grace Hamilton Starks, 19, Crossroads, Texas, and Madisyn Brooke Dowell, 21, Springdale

Benjamin James Vanpool, 26, and Josephine Tinuviel Jackson, 23, both of Bentonville

Derek Mitchel Walker, 28, and Mary Rose Semon, 27, both of Centerton

Paul David Zimmerman, 59, Tulsa, Okla., and Lesia Jean Gay, 59, Bella Vista

April 9

Adam Zachary Dyson, 37, and Taylor Linette Moreau, 28, both of Rogers

Scott David Eckhardt, 31, and Abby Elizabeth Gudenschwager, 28, both of Bentonville

Daniel Lee Hickman, 41, and MacKenzie Kay James, 28, both of Rogers

Adam Michael Madden, 23, and Emily Nicole Cook, 22, both of Siloam Springs

David Michael Rives, 26, and Jennifer Anne Pierce, 26, both of Fayetteville

Hector Salinas-Estrada, 27, and Marta Gloria Arriola-Anzora, 22, both of Rogers

April 10

Bradley Joseph Ackerlund, 27, and Ashley Nicole Zenoni, 31, both of Bentonville

Christopher Aaron Caudle, 26, and Ashlynn Nicole Newberry, 26, both of Centerton

Erik Duane Johnson, 30, and Elizabeth Michelle Newcome, 30, both of League City, Texas

Stephen Michael Stanton, 31, and Delanie Sue Gerber, 28, both of Rogers

James Byron Whiteley, 32, and Kandy Renea Drabenstott, 30, both of Siloam Springs

NW News on 04/15/2019

Print Headline: Marriage licenses

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