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Nation's violence rooted in problems with people

In response to the letter "Safety not about bags, loitering; it's about guns": Wrong!

It is about people.

Guns don't walk into a place and start shooting by themselves. It is about people respecting other people. It's about people respecting life. It's about good upbringing and being safe. Isn't it amazing that just 20 years ago or so, it was acceptable for people to drive around with a shotgun or rifle hanging on the rack in the truck?

Are there more people now? Yes. Are there more guns now? Yes. Are there more idiot people than sane people with guns? No.

The media is not reporting how there are many circumstances where a law-abiding citizen is carrying a gun and has to use the gun to protect others in dire situations. There are many good stories of law-abiding citizens carrying guns to save others. I recently attended the NRA convention in Dallas where there were over 87,000 attendees. No one was wanded entering the premises and I promise you, many people were carrying guns. The country's ethics, morals and values have been depleting over the past 20 years. Until it is instilled in the children and young adults to respect human life and it is OK to have differences without getting irate, this country will continue to be "crazy" -- doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Jacklyn Perry


Arkansans should take action for the Buffalo

Bill Underwood's Sept. 5 letter to the editor focused meaningfully on the disastrous polluting hog farming near our national treasure, the Buffalo River. How can we, the concerned, attempt to make a difference?

Two thoughts: We Arkansas residents could write the Department of Environmental Quality. Or write Cargill directly. Cargill is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn.

I, a senior senior, do not have a computer so I cannot generate specific addresses. But hopefully the readers get the idea -- do something. Decades ago, an individual, Dr. Compton, stopped the building of a dam on the Buffalo. What can WE do?

Mona W. Brown


Climate change latest from changing 'science'

In my 83-plus years in this world of lies and confusion, we, the common people, have been swayed to believe or accept many things that were later reversed, such as what to eat or not eat. Also, over the course of history, this same misconception has take place. An example of this is man was told the earth was the center of the universe and the sun rotated around the earth.

Now, we are to accept as fact that man is totally responsible for climate change. True science must account for all the variables in any conclusion to an experiment. Well, there are other variables that have not been taken into this "theory," such as the positions of other planets in our solar system in relation to planet earth which change all the time, and the position of our solar system in the Milky Way, which also changes all the time.

Think: Is climate change caused by man? According to history taught in our educational systems, there have been changes in the earth's climate all the time, ice age to ice age and on and on it goes. Since God gave you a brain to think with and make your own decisions, then use it. Don't take my word or others' opinions on this subject or any subject.

Politicians are good at spreading false concepts and ideas, and climate change is just one of them.

Laban D. Needham


Editorial on 09/14/2018

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