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More finger-pointing

Shame on you, Julia Randle. I believe letters like yours spread hate. There is nothing wrong with the state of Florida that isn't going on in Arkansas and elsewhere.

I follow politics closely and I have never heard Ron DeSantis say anything that a fair-minded person could consider racist. Would you like to rename a monkey wrench? How about monkey bread? Stop nitpicking and stop trashing Florida. I lived there 26 years and enjoyed every minute.


Hot Springs

Sounds of hypocrisy

Mr. Gondek, if you were the sole owner of the china shop, you could do what you want. But I am part-owner and I don't appreciate you letting the bull in to defecate all over, destroy the shop and break the already-paid-for inventory, ruin the shop's good name and alienate longtime customers so they take their business to other shops--in Russia or China. Your inconsiderate action affects more than just you.

What has happened to the Republican Party? Lately they have just licked the red right off my sucker. They spent many months and millions of dollars over speculation about Hillary Clinton's email server but when real evidence of Russian interference and possible collusion by their guy is right in front of their face, they have a ho-hum attitude. They almost impeached a president for lying about a personal matter, but don't call out their guy when he lies almost constantly. They were so worried that the voters be able to have a say in a Supreme Court nominee they held up the confirmation process for over a year, yet cannot wait two months for the voters to speak this time. They shut down the government, impacting millions of people, to make sure not one additional penny was added to the deficit during a different party presidency but now don't seem to care that it has significantly increased in the past year under their guy. They are the biggest patriots ever but allow a five-time draft dodger to disparage a true military hero. Does this sound hypocritical to anyone else? Be honest with yourselves, Republicans; had a Democrat done just one of these things, you would be screaming and crying and rending your shirts on Fox News.

And for those of you with apparent memory failure about the Obama presidency, Republicans weren't nice, or helpful, or respectful, or out to promote his agenda. So quit complaining that your guy is being mistreated. Besides, valid criticism and complaint isn't mistreatment.



Progress falling away

As usual Richard Mason's column hits the nail on the head. His view of recent changes in this country regarding the environment is exceptionally clear.

It is extremely sad to see all the progress we have made in the last eight years and more get washed away by money-grubbing industries and people who care more about wealth than their grandchildren's future.



Patriots and justice

A few things need to be said. Among them is that around 2009 the NFL was paid several million dollars by the Department of Defense to do patriotic displays to boost military recruitment. I don't find that the players were consulted. Can't kneel! Might break that contract you were not told about but your taxes paid for. As the Honorable John McCain put it, it was "paid patriotism."

Another matter for consideration: In the mid-'50s, Leslie Rutledge's grandfather murdered Joe Beel and critically wounded Joe's brother in a fight over land boundaries. He did some time but did not die for it, so the surviving Beels didn't get "justice" as Attorney General Rutledge seems to feel survivors deserve. She certainly bears no responsibility for what he did, of course, but we can and should wonder how her family history might influence her in her obvious obsession with executing convicts. She hasn't, to my knowledge, ever spoken of this, and I as well as others wonder why not. After Orval Faubus commuted his sentence and he was released, he was imprisoned twice for bootlegging whiskey. He was tried for it in a third incident but was not convicted then.

Then there's the ministerial convocations to "pray for an end to violence." Folks, God can't guide your steps if you're sitting on your butt. You can't wait until your kid is 15 years old to start raising him or you've already lost the game. You live the example so that the kid wants to follow the example you've set for him. You do your part, then it's time for prayers for God's help. Do your duty from the pulpit and in the home and, with some exceptions of course, things can and will be better.



Brought tears, pride

Every once in a while I just about give up on the editorial section of the Democrat-Gazette. Then you print a letter or guest column like the one from Carol Williams about Nels Tanner and John McCain.

I was one of those early Vietnam guys, serving on the Kitty Hawk when the first pilot to be shot down in that war was captured. Fortunately, he later escaped. You can watch his story on No Man Left Behind on TV.

Carol's piece brought a few tears and strong emotions, but also pride. I hope that many of my fellow veterans read it and felt the same way.



Still better than him

Many people will agree with the recent letter from Robert W. Best that Sen. John McCain was not a heroic icon. But compared to our current president, John McCain now looks like a paragon of virtue.


Little Rock

Editorial on 09/11/2018

Print Headline: Letters

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