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The Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission last week issued two drilling permits, two well completions and one well recompletion. By county, they were:


UNION -- Berg, Laney & Brown Company for Smith A No. 18 to TVD: 2,800 ft. and MD: 2,800 ft. in Nacatoch Form. of Smackover Fld. Loc. SHL: 280 ft. FNL & 280 ft. FEL of Sec. 24-16S-16W. Contractor: BLB Service; work began Aug. 24.

Quanico Oil & Gas Inc. of El Dorado for Dumas No. 2 to TVD: 6,450 ft. and MD: 6,450 ft. in Smackover Limestone Form. of Urbana Fld. Loc. SHL: 2,301 ft. FNL & 981 ft. FWL. of Sec. 3-18S-13W. Contractor: Sewell Drilling Co. LLC; work begins Sept. 10.


OUACHITA -- Fite Oil & Gas Inc. of Shreveport for Stinson No. 1, 24-hr. prod. not available in Dry Hole Form. of Wildcat Fld. Drilled to TD: 2,200 ft., perf. not available. Loc. 1,044 ft. FNL & 1,063 ft. FEL of Sec. 18-15S-16W. Completed July 25.

UNION -- GLCC of El Dorado for Brine Supply Well No. 24S, 24-hr. prod. not available in Smackover Form. of Catesville Fld. Drilled to TD: 8,500 ft., perf. not available. Loc. 1,153 ft. FSL & 231 ft. FEL of Sec. 22-19S-15W. Completed Aug. 5.


VAN BUREN --XTO Energy Inc. of Oklahoma City for Whisenhunt No. 10-12 4-4H, 24-hr. prod. not available in Fayetteville Form. of B-43 Fld. Drilled to TD: 4,750 ft., perf. 3,298-4,574 OA ft. Loc. SHL: 2,452 ft. FNL & 2,119 ft. FWL and BHL: 951 ft. FNL & 549 ft. FWL of Sec. 4-10N-12W. Workover done Aug. 20.


Loc. -- location; Perf. -- perforations; FEL -- from the east line; FNL -- from the north line; FSL -- from the south line; FWL -- from the west line; FEUL -- from the east unit line; FWUL -- from the west unit line; FNUL -- from the north unit line; FSUL -- from the south unit line; MCF -- thousand cubic feet; bbl -- barrel; MD -- measured depth; TD -- total depth; TVD -- true vertical depth; PBTD -- plug back total depth; BHL -- bottom hole location; PBHL -- proposed bottom hole location; SHL -- surface hole location; OA -- overall; N/A -- not available.

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