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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Sept. 17-21:

HCI Limited Partnership to West 68th Street LLC, L3R, Central Arkansas I-440 Business Park, $3,250,000.

Kitterman Properties II LLC to Bristol Manor Townhomes LLC, 101 Ellis Drive, Little Rock. L1, Bristol Replat-Santa Fe Park, $1,050,000.

John H. Dean, Allyson B. Dean and Bliss Dean to Brad W. Jolly Sr. and Scott D. Jolly, 4601 Fairway Ave., North Little Rock. Units A-2, B-4 & B-3, Dean-Jolly HPR; Lot A B67, Lakewood, $772,500.

Terra Firma Project LLC to Stephen A. and Ashley Peeples, L4 B3, Altheimer, $680,000.

HBH Builders Inc. to Goose Investments LLC, 24 Belles Fleurs Circle, Little Rock. L43, Belles Fleurs, $456,400.

Joan M. and Michael E. Thompson to Amy Huggins and Matthew Stauffer, 10 Fontenay Circle, Little Rock. L27 B5, Chenal Valley, $453,500.

Timothy J. and Barbara M. O'Brien and the Timothy J. O'Brien & Barbara M. O'Brien Revocable Trust to 2610 North Pierce LLC, 2610 N. Pierce St., Little Rock. Ls9-10 B22, Park View, $400,000.

Jie and Wen J. Zhang to Aimee and William Moffitt, 23 Buckland Road, Little Rock. L266, Cypress Point West, $395,100.

Anthony and Vicky Bradley and the Anthony & Vicky Bradley Revocable Trust to Daniel R. Dennis, 9724 Oak Heights Drive, Sherwood. L64, Miller Heights, $380,000.

Renaissance Homes Inc. to Jill Pryor, 9 Tupelo Court, Little Rock. L25, The Village At Ison Creek Phase 2A, $379,900.

Robert E. and Nannette M. Wilkerson to Glenda Shannon Fewell Family Trust, SW NW 8-1N-14W, $375,000.

Randy James Construction Company Inc. to Ben and Nancy Sims, 103 Eagle Ridge Drive, Maumelle. L4 B15, Maumelle Valley Estates Phase XVII, $373,000.

Jillian K. and John C. Whisnant Sr. to Melanie and Paul Stapleton, 2611 Valley Park Drive, Little Rock. L114, Pebble Beach Woods, $359,000.

Michael and Cathy Mackey to Kelly Currence, 2508 Riverfront Drive, Apt. 1, Little Rock. L16, Round River HPR, $350,000.

Ginger K. Langley to Kaitlyn and James Griffin, 104 Clervaux Circle, Little Rock. L62 B73, Chenal Valley, $348,500.

John W. and Judy A. Goodwin to Joseph and Patricia Rodgers, 14007 Hinson Road, Little Rock. L5, Longlea Estates Phase I, $345,000.

Daryl L. Atwood to Russell and LaceeKee Werdehausen, 8800 Johnson Drive, Sherwood. L55 B3, Creekside, $332,000.

Christene S. and H. Todd Parsley to Richard L. and Teresa L. Ramsey, 2401 W. Ark. 89, Cabot. SW NW 13-4N-11W, $330,000.

Alan D. and Denise B. McQueen to Charlotte Cook, 5 Creekwood Court, Little Rock. L13 B1, Wildwood Place, $325,000.

Cynthia A. Dearborn and the Cynthia Ann Dearborn Revocable Trust to Michael Keesee, 36 Wingate Drive, Little Rock. L36, Wingate, $322,500.

B & D Homes Inc. to Nicky B. Spainhour, 319 Wildcreek Blvd., Little Rock. L1 B6, Wildwood Place, $310,000.

Liberty Construction LLC to Rebecca K. Domon, 403 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock. L13 B4, Wildwood Place, $305,000.

Woodhaven Homes LLC to Julius L. and Jessica L. DeBerry, 136 Majestic Circle, Maumelle. L100 B2, Majestic Pointe, $300,000.

John R. Schay to Eric J. Schmidt, 50 Aberdeen Drive, Little Rock. L19 B22, Chenal Valley, $296,500.

Wilmington Trust NA to Patrick and Cheryl Travers, 113 Quapaw Trail, Maumelle. L41, Osage Falls, $295,000.

Uneeda D. Blackwell to Svetoslav H. Slavov, 31 Bishop Place, Little Rock. L14, Bishop Place, $277,000.

Joanna and Jordan Gregg to N. P. Dodge Jr. and Leslie A. Delperdang, 4 Shepard Hills Cove, Little Rock. L119, Secluded Hills Phase III, $273,000.

N. P. Dodge Jr. and Leslie A. Delperdang to Brandon and Cari Schneider, 4 Shepard Hills Cove, Little Rock. L119, Secluded Hills Phase III, $273,000.

Arvest Bank to Outlet Development LLC, Ls4-5, Otter Creek Plaza Unrecorded, $272,000.

Menco Construction LLC to Keith and Sunshine Crawford, 8416 E. Woodruff Ave., Sherwood. L1 B15, Stonehill Phase VI, $270,306.

Potlatch Deltic Real Estate LLC to Rami and Raja Kassissieh, L26 B98, Chenal Valley-Varennes Court, $270,000.

Little Rock Turnkey LLC to Griffin Sloves, 1805 Sanford Drive, Little Rock. L30, Sanford Phases 1 & 2, $259,000.

William H. Akins, Lorie A. Akins, Dean L. Clark to Cynthia R. and Lemuel E. Wallace Sr., 3017 Rock Ridge Drive, Sherwood. L11 B14, Stonehill Phase VI, $256,000.

TCB Investments LLC to 4G Property Management LLC, 4813 Hickory Ave., North Little Rock. L130 B202, Park Hill NLR, $255,000.

Martha J. and Steven M. Drillette (deceased), Chelsea Cochran, and Joshua Drillette to Rhotonda L. Letbetter and Riller Clegg, 9232 Harmony Drive, Sherwood. L272, Miller's Crossing Phase 4, $250,000.

Kevin and Karen Keathley, the Karen T. Keathley Revocable Trust, and the Kevin J. Keathley Trust to Craig B. and Jana D. Shackelford, 19 Denver St., Little Rock. L175, Capitol Lakes Estates Phase 1B, $249,000.

Jay E. Richards and the Wendell Croom Revocable Trust to Aaron C. and Rachel O. Breitweiser, 7 Chelsea Road, Little Rock. L73, Hillsborough Phase II-B, $239,500.

McCollough Homes LR LLC to Daniel and Haley Rimenschneider, 1004 Sussix Loop, Sherwood. L40, Village East, $237,500.

John B. Duckett Jr., Susan Duckett, and Linda S. Duckett to Patsy C. Pearson, SW NE 17-2N-12W, $236,500.

Daniel R. and Jennifer C. Dennis to Donovan C. and Stephanie N. Gandolph, 2412 Crown Point, North Little Rock. L18 B6, Windsor Valley, $235,000.

Dennis Kurczek to Scott D. and Vikki L. Jennings, 7713 Flintrock Road, North Little Rock. L2 B52, Indian Hills, $235,000.

Carlyn J. Yancey to Tammy B. Berry, L25, Windsor Court Townhomes HPR Phase II, $220,000.

Mark E. and Jessica L. Shaw to Iris J. McCray, L40 B8, Stonehill Phase IV, $220,000.

Jimmy and Nancy McCarty to Carletha B. and Jerrel R. Williams, 409 Feldspar Drive, Sherwood. L1 B12, Stonehill Phase V, $220,000.

Federal Home Mortgage Corp. to Jay Arnold, 152 Marseille Drive, Maumelle. L366, Country Club Of Arkansas, $219,900.

Jennifer and Barry L. Nix Jr. (Jennifer Feagan) to Janice K. Bedwell-Gott, 9216 Wooded Acres Circle, Sherwood. L11, Millers Crossing Phase 1, $215,000.

Willia Bogard, William Bogard, Samatha Alexander and Robert Alexander to Dolores D. Summers and the Dolores D. Summers Living Trust, L18B, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $205,500.

Janet Clowney and the Janet Kay Roberts Clowney Revocable Trust to Amber M. Bohannon, 116 Red River Drive, Sherwood. L18 B25, Overbrook, $205,000.

Stacy and Mike Graham to Virgil W. and Barbara E. Reed, 17 Saint Thomas Drive, Maumelle. L8, St Thomas 2nd, $205,000.

Brian and Linda Fellone to Sergio Ramirez, 22 Sugarloaf Loop, Maumelle. L308, Edgewater Phase II, $198,500.

Wells Fargo Bank NA and the Francis A. Beane Revocable Living Trust to Joseph Mayo and Kimberly D. Miller, 11901 Rivercrest Drive, Little Rock. L33 B3, Walton Heights, $198,000.

Karen Fortner to Ryan Tite and Morgan Nixon, 7 Barberry Lane, Little Rock. L254, Sturbridge Phase IV, $191,500.

Arsb Holding Co LLC to 210 Chantilly Investments LLC, L472, Country Club Of Arkansas, $187,000.

Olivia H. and Hunter L. Jones (Olivia H. Austin) to Garry and Mary A. Haas, L57 B200, Park Hill, NLR, $186,000.

Dean M. and Catherine Talbot to Candace J. Newkirk and Madison C. Newkirk, 323 Rosetta St., Little Rock. L17 B6, CS Stifft, $185,000.

Ray Thomas Properties LLC to Daryl B. Hull, 1 E Laramie Drive, Sherwood. L252, Little Rock Investment Corp. Replat Phase I-Indianhead Lake Estates, $185,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 1314 Starfield Road, North Little Rock. L26 B125, Park Hill, NLR, $177,025.

Flippin' Awesome Homes LLC to George and Pat Ryan, Lot E, Pine Mountain, $176,500.

River Trail Properties LLC to Aeriel M. and Kevin B. Wright Jr., 13800 Wimbledon Loop, Little Rock. L714, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-B-I, $175,000.

Hung S. Wong and Anh T. Gieng to R. Lynne Woods, 2208 Breckenridge Drive, Little Rock. L241, Colony West, $175,000.

Windsor Park Inc. to Paul Hall and Karen Edwards, 66 Laver Circle, Little Rock. L598, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-B-1, $172,000.

Eliana and George E. Murillo Jr. to James D. Walker, 1005 S. Cleveland St., Little Rock. L123, University Park North Plat No.2, $171,000.

TCB Investments LLC to Midtown Premium Properties LLC, 134 W. Lee Ave., Sherwood. L1, Almond Acres, $170,000.

TCB Investments LLC to Midtown Premium Properties LLC, 109 Almond Cove, Sherwood. L5, Almond Acres, $170,000.

Polly J. Leonard to Debby L. Taylor, 27 McKee Circle, North Little Rock. L30 B6, Lakewood Northeast, $165,000.

Donald T. and Barbara G. Stearns (deceased) to James H. Pratt Jr., 1625 Saratoga Drive, North Little Rock. L8 B30, Indian Hills, $164,900.

Lacey Mauk to Lauren E. Berkemeyer, 3408 McCord Drive, North Little Rock. L3 B55, Lakewood, $163,500.

L & D Investment Properties LLC to Cody L. Horn, 7923 Briarwood Circle, Little Rock. L26, Fairhills, $161,000.

Equity Trust Custodian Co. IRA 21511541 to Virender Sharma, 33 Crape Myrtle Place, Little Rock. L359, Otter Creek Community Phase III-B, $160,000.

Melanie and Paul Stapleton to Loretta DePalo, 1303 Cherry Brook Drive, Little Rock. L21 B1, Cherry Creek, $157,000.

Jeremy and Casey Jeffery to Louise Dumars, L21 B33, Indian Hills, $155,900.

Gordon J. and Janna Brown to Scott C. Hampton, 6608 Rolling Hills Drive, North Little Rock. L1 B9, Green Hills, $155,000.

Marie Mahon to Jason Bishop 3421 Sevier Drive, North Little Rock. L40 B53, Lakewood, $155,000.

Kelly and Joshua Hines to Nicholas J. Press, 60 Oak Ridge Drive, Maumelle. L38, Rolling Oaks Phase III, $154,900.

Blue Note LLC to Joy Evans, 30 Sheraton Oaks Drive, Sherwood. L55, Arbor Oaks, $153,500.

Thomas S. and Terri L. Allen and the T-N-T Living Trust to Jeanne M. VonDerAhe, 2303 Maple Ridge Road, Little Rock. L155, Sandpiper Phase II, $153,500.

Potlatch Deltic Real Estate LLC to LOML LLC, L26, Chenal Downs Phase I, $152,900.

Matthew Ragland to Christopher B. and Lindsay Hampton, 14723 Garot Blvd., North Little Rock. SW SE 17-3N-13W, $151,750.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company-Trustee to Seth Newton, 1405 Biscayne Drive, Little Rock. L48, Leawood Manor 1st, $150,150.

US Bank NA to Joy J. Ploszay, 3001 Lakeview Road, North Little Rock. L3 B50, Lakewood, $150,000.

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