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BIKEHOG23: Unless that was a typo in the box score, Ole Miss put up 800-plus yards with more than 500 yards passing, ending with 70 points (last week against Louisiana-Monroe). Good news is that we may have an offense to give them a run. And, our defense is likely much better than their defense. Can’t continue to shoot ourselves in the foot, though.

BELLHOG: And look who they were playing. Sure wasn’t ‘Bama.

YOUDAMAN: They are very good with the ball in their hands, so if we are to beat them we need to control the ball and keep it away from them. I expect us to bring the house on the quarterback because they like to throw it deep and the offensive line is not as good as ‘Bama’s.


HAGSRUS: Like most people on this board I’m encouraged by the Hogs’ offense scoring 31 points against a good but not great Alabama defense. That is the most points anyone has scored against them since Clemson in 2016.What is really scary is the ‘Bama offense. They may not lose another game as long as the quarterback is healthy…

BAUMBASTICHAWG: It seems strange, but indeed ‘Bama’s offense is amazing. It could be the best ever from them.And strangely their defense is not as impressive as normal. That’s not to say the defense is not good, just not up to their normal standards.

JIMBEAU77: Have to look at the fact that this ‘Bama offense is so different now. They score quickly and their defense is already back on the field. In the past they would grind and pound away, then score.

ELMO871E: As if they didn’t have a recruiting monopoly as it is, (the quarterback’s) brother has committed to ‘Bama and he’s a great player as well. They can recruit anywhere.

SACHAWG: Maybe it’s not coincidence that this correlates with the hire of Dan Enos?

TEXHOG: Enos is a great coach.

ROGER231: Enos is a good coach, but coaching 5-stars makes him look like a great coach. It’s all about recruiting.

NEASTARKIE: I heard (former Georgia coach) Vince Dooley at the Little Rock Touchdown Club a few years ago. He said that he was an absolutely brilliant coach when he had Herschel Walker running the ball. Said his coaching skills fell considerably when Walker left.


BIFF MALIBU: Uniform police are going to freak. White helmet on red jersey alert.

WOODHOG14: Not really a uniform police guy. But I don’t mind the white helmets with the white uniforms. They look terrible with the red uniforms. Going to be a bad look.

BUSH HOG: I don’t mind disguising ourselves with these uniform combos when we are losing. But we are going to beat Ole Miss. Would like the country to recognize us when they see the highlights this week.

SWINE FUSION: I’m trying to remember if we’ve actually worn that combination before. I can’t think of any but I have missed some games from time to time.

MATT JONES: Yes. Against Rutgers in 2012.

JRJDENT: Times are changing. Players and recruits like it. I like it.

SWINE FUSION: There’s an interesting article online today about how Notre Dame has finally adapted to the times. Not in their unis, but the game day atmosphere. They actually play hip-hop in ND Stadium during games. The story talks about how the blue hairs used to take a nap in their seats during games because it was so placid. Not any more. They actually encourage fans to stand up and make noise now.

MATT JONES: The same thing is happening at Texas. The new AD remarked last year that the game-day atmosphere was stuck in the 1970s and overall terrible.They have moved large swaths of donors to other sections and given students more prime seating and done away with reserved seating for students in favor of first-come, first-serve. There is live music outside the stadium and a mixture of hip-hop and stadium anthems inside. The AD told the public address announcer to act like more of a fan in his calls. It has apparently changed the feel dramatically.

YOUDAMAN: I despise the white helmets, especially with the red shirts. UGGHH!


JHAWG: The white helmets are dull and boring. Put a red strip on the white helmet. At least make it look cool. We wore the white helmets with the red stripe in the ‘40s and ‘50s. We, in my opinion, have the ugliest pants and jerseys in the SEC.Those tusk things are not good. I love our new red helmets But the white blows. Our Nike uniform guy must have flunked design. We need a total re-do of the pants and jersey. Ole Miss blows us out of the water in the uniform contest.


YOUDAMAN: Arkansas 38-34.

BOBGHAWG: Close game. Ole Miss 31, Hogs 17.

GENERAL HOG: 77-14, Arkansas Yeah, I said it!

BOBGHAWG: If you are right, I want to take you to a casino.

LDHOG: Razorbacks 52, Black Bear Rebel Land Sharks 21.

BIKEHOG23: Arkansas 31-27.

BOREHOG: Arkansas 38, Ole Miss


HOLDENHOGFIELD: Hogs 28, Ole Mrs. 24. One of my favorite scores, the Tennessee revenge game.

JIMBEAU77: 35-31 Hogs.

SWINEBEFOREPEARLS: Happily, the good guys come out on top in this slugfest, 47-42.

WHITE25: Arkansas 37, Ole Miss

  1. Another last-second field goal clinches the win with an attendance (in Little Rock) of 47,000.

HOGMAESTRO: Hogs 49, Ole Miss 45.And we then beat Tulsa and Vandy and head into the LSU game 4-5 and with internal momentum.

SUIGENERIS: Rebel Bears 45, Good Guys 38. Dang it!

HARLEYHAWGIDSON: Hogs 45, Ole Miss 31.

HOGSRUS: We are up by two with seconds to play and Ole Missy is lined up for a short field goal to win. They snap the ball and hit the field goal, but we get a timeout called to nullify. The second one misses and now War Memorial Stadium can RIP.

WIZARDOFHOGZ: Hate to say it — and I’m on the Chad Morris bandwagon — but my (ample) gut tells me Ole Miss 39, Arkansas 27. I just don’t think our offense is as improved as most here seem to.

HOGBACKER: Hogs 45, Ole Miss

  1. We rush for 180 and Ty Storey throws for over 300. All the talk will be about needing a quarterback with a stronger arm as it seems criticism comes easier than praise, even after the first SEC win.

GEORGIA HAWG: Hogs win a shootout with a 55-yard field goal with seven seconds to go. Hogs 45, Ole Miss 42. Rakeem goes wild with over 180 yards and two TDs. Hogs offense with over 550 yards in total offense. Defense forces three turnovers.

HOGSR2COOL: This is the perfect tipping-point game. Hog defense will be living in the Ole Miss backfield as Coach John Chavis blitzes every down. OM receivers have the advantage as long as the QB can get the ball to them but he won’t be able to do that in this game. Big win for the Hogs and hope returns to the state. Hogs win 42-27.

RAZORWILL: Of any team we play in the SEC, Ole Miss is my rival game. Dislike them almost as much as Texas. We have had their number recently. We are making small strides, but to win a game we seem to need to be almost perfect. Storey has to hold onto the ball — no fumbles or interceptions — for us to have a chance.That being said, game will be close.Arkansas 31, Ole Miss 30. I hope.

JHAWG: Hate those cheatin’ blow-hards with a passion. My favorite team to hate. I root for Arkansas and whoever plays Old Mississippi. These last 4-5 years have been great and Hunter Henry is one of my heroes, but I think the Rebels may finally beat us. I don’t think I can type this … Arkansas 31, Ole Mississippi 45.

JACKSONREID: Continued improvement and supreme effort. Ole Miss 38-30.

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