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Nation hurt when voters don’t turn out in election

In the November 2016 election, 44 percent of the eligible voters did not vote (102,431,399); 56 percent of those who did vote voted for someone other than Trump. Of those who voted, 46 percent (62,985,184) voted for him; 48 percent (65,853,652) voted for Clinton, and 6 percent (8,286,698) for someone else. The bottom line: 27 percent of the eligible voters elected our president.

Our democracy works best when its citizens vote. When they don’t, and we allow a minority of eligible voters to elect a president — who then proceeds to act as though he has a mandate from an overwhelming majority and devotes all of his efforts on fulfilling promises made to the 27 percent who voted for him — our democratic society doesn’t work very well and we and the country may suffer.

Moral of this story? In the next presidential election — and all other elections — vote.

JIM HAMMONS Fayetteville

Kavanaugh reactions reveal unknown ‘saints’

Reading the Oct. 6 article on the Democrat-Gazette front page about the 2,400 law professors, including 14 found in Arkansas, I was truly amazed. I didn’t know that there were so many “saints” in our country who never uttered a “single diatribe” in anger or in defense of a false accusation in defense of themselves in their life.

In the words of that great American philosopher Gomer Pyle: “Gall-lee.”

Whoda thunk there were this many lawyers who are pure of heart and deed with no skeletons in their closets. It’s beyond my comprehension. Do you remember Jesus’ comment about casting the first stone? My prayer is that none of these “saints” ever have to go through a similar life-damaging surgical evaluation that Judge Kavanaugh went through. They might just lose their halos.

If I was ever accused of doing something so heinous and knew that I was innocent, you better believe I would be screaming from the rooftops. Count this Deplorable in as one among the many who have hidden the key to their closet.

DAVID A. VINING Springdale

A note of appreciation for trooper’s I-49 help I would like to say a big “thank you” to Officer Desmond Benton of the Arkansas State Police for his help when my friend and I had a flat tire on Interstate 49 by Lowell Oct. 3.

Traffic was very heavy and he was kind enough to stop and change that tire for us.

These officers don’t always get the thanks they deserve for all they do for us.


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