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Editor’s note: The October Letter of the Month was originally published Oct. 2.

Are we well-served?

I am a citizen of the United States, born in the Midwest, and have voted in every primary and national election and the majority of other elections since I became of age. I have been a resident of Arkansas since 1974.

I am not affiliated with either the Republican or Democrat parties.

In the past, when I have contacted my state or national representatives for assistance in some matter, I received prompt attention and help on the matter in question. In fact, I have met personally with my three members of Congress and state representatives in the past. They were Democrats.

More recently, I have only been able to meet with the 2nd District U.S. representative once, in person, but he is now the lieutenant governor.

I contacted both state representatives and the three national representatives currently in office with questions, to make comments or help to solve a problem and have received political doubletalk, told to go elsewhere to solve my problem, or was completely ignored. These were not frivolous requests, but bona fide inquiries that had an effect, large and small, on my life. After some effort, I solved the problems or answered the questions myself.

What do you think: Who did I receive the best representation from? In the coming election, I will vote to express myself in this regard. I urge you to do the same.


Little Rock

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