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The great melting pot

Recently the migrant caravan was the topic of discussion. I heard a young man say, "I don't want killers in my country." It was disturbing to hear such a comment from a person in his 20s.

I have had the privilege of living and working in different parts of the country. I've also worked with many wonderful Americans from every race, ethnicity and religion. Good, hardworking people trying to make a living and/or raising a family. People with the same joys and dreams as me. People that suffered the same heartache and pain as me. We laughed, played, cried, fought and made up. We watched the same movies and TV. Listened to the same music and went to the same club or house of worship.

I have had minimal problems with the melting pot of people that make up this great land. I assume some were Republican or Democrat. Some were Mexican, Japanese, Russian, German, Arab, Salvadoran, Guatemalan, etc. All loved this country. All were decent people.

We all have skeletons. But I never feared any of them. They didn't mean to do me any harm. All of them are as American as any of us are. At some point in time an immigrant rooted us here to become American citizens. We should extend the same right to those people that wish to join us. After all, that is the motto of the United States of America: E pluribus unum.



Enjoyment on Buffalo

I have tried to read every column by Mike Masterson concerning the Buffalo River area and, with every read, I would find myself becoming more fascinated with that area. Well, I made that trip last weekend, and stopping in Jasper along the way too. I just cannot begin to express how much enjoyment I got out of everything that I witnessed those few days ... from the huge bull elk mingling with his large harem to the large white cliff faces along the Buffalo. The colors of the trees seemed to be just a bonus too.

I just hope and pray that all those commercial hogs don't indirectly spoil it for everyone.



The almighty dollar

In response to Mr. Richard Renner's letter, I am a UAPB graduate and wonder why my alma mater is not scheduled to play the other UA teams each year. Is it all about the almighty dollar? Can they rotate stadiums each season--Fayetteville, Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Jonesboro? I must be missing something! It is Arkansas money, right? I would like to read an explanation from anybody.


Little Rock

Stop blaming others

Why are these ads about MS-13 and border problems dominating our news? There were 59 dead in Vegas and 527 injured, 26 people killed in a church in Texas, nine people in Bible class in Charleston, S.C., recent murders in a synagogue, mosques, a club, schools and a rally. None have been linked to MS-13; these were homegrown terrorists.

Let's stop with the scare tactics and look at the real issues. Did we forget about the Mafia and Mafia-related incidents, along with the KKK? Both groups were a major threat to our society and moral well-being; they still exist, just a little more behind the scenes. We don't talk about the Crips and the Bloods anymore, maybe because they are killing blacks in poor communities and that's not newsworthy. But ask any mother that has experienced gang-related violence if it matters to her. I'm not saying that MS-13 shouldn't be our concern, but not the dominant threat that the president portrays.

People are showing blatant behavior at an alarming rate due to labels and nonfactual criticism. Are we as Americans losing our love for humanity? We praise Old Glory but step on our brother. The Trump administration should stop putting the blame on others and work together for a more harmonious society. Don't sell our intelligence agencies down the river and then believe the guy that said it wasn't me. Stop thinking that Putin and financial ties with the Saudis are not a threat. We know that these irrational and divisive tactics were used in Germany in the past, which had devastating consequences.

At one time we were labeled Ugly Americans; I prefer the term Loving Americans. Let's make an effort to achieve that term.



Education is the key

What did this election tell us? Where did Democrats win? They won in areas where educated people live and went out to vote. In areas where they came close to winning over Republicans (see Texas' Senate race, Florida's governor's race), the votes were in urban areas where educated people live. Much the same can be said for some of the Arkansas races. What is the answer?

Education, ed-ucation, education.

This is not a difficult solution. If the Arkansas Legislature would fund education, stop trying to reinvent the wheel where education is concerned, and leave teachers alone and let them teach, we could solve this problem. In both the national and state elections, an educated electorate would vote in its own best interest. It would not be swayed by fantasies of a leader who spews rhetoric daily without an interest in governing.

Emphasis on early childhood education, reading.


Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 11/08/2018

Print Headline: Letters

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