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Prime rib or Fresh Catch?

Family owned restaurant on Sugar Creek set for summer by Dave Woods NWA Democrat-Gazette | May 27, 2018 at 6:00 a.m.

Pam Bone is ready for summer.

"We pick up considerably in the summer," she said of the family-owned restaurant, Haven 55. "We get a lot of vacationers in our area."

Haven 55, open in Pineville, Mo. for almost six years, is a Bone family operation. Pam's son, Alan, is a trained chef and handles the kitchen. Pam takes care of the front of the house. Her husband takes care of maintenance and other duties as needed, and Alan's Brother, Brian, who is a partner in Haven 55, mans The Tavern on weekends.

Pam was quick to answer when asked her favorite lunch menu item.

"My go-to lunch is the Croque Monsieur," she said. "That's my favorite. I call it a glorified grilled ham and cheese sandwich. It has a little bit of mayonnaise and mustard and two different cheeses, Swiss and provolone, and ham. It's grilled to perfection. It's my favorite. I love it."

Haven 55 burgers are a hot item, too.

"We sell that a lot of burgers," Pam said. "We use certified angus beef, which helps tremendously. It's got great flavor."

Each week Haven 55 rolls out several different lunch specials. But one, Pam said, is always popular with their regular guests.

"The most popular lunch special a lot of people come for is a prime rib sandwich," she said. "After prime rib night on Wednesday, if there is some left over, that's the lunch sandwich special. Some days there is some left and some days there is not. The prime rib is sliced really thin and served with a little horsey sauce on it, some cheese and grilled onions. It's very popular. We get a lot of phone calls after prime rib night to see if we are going to have the prime rib sandwich special for lunch."

Pam cautioned, get your reservations for Wednesday prime rib night in by noon on Tuesday.

"That way we know how many to put in the oven," she said. "Those people with reservations will always get their prime rib. Those people who just walk in with no reservation... we can't guarantee it. They might or might not get prime rib."

When it comes to picking a dinner menu favorite, Pam and her husband split ways. They agree to disagree.

"I like our New York strip," she explained. "I like it medium to medium rare. My husband loves the steak, too, but he also loves our big thick pork chop with the Aztec rub. It's a spicy pork chop and has a little kick to it. It's served on a chipotle sauce. It's a good-sized, bone-in pork chop. That's probably his favorite."

Fish and seafood fans will find something for them on the Haven 55 menu. Every Tuesday fried catfish is the special and on Friday's it's Fresh Catch night. Fresh fish is ordered each week and delivered just in time to hit the kitchen and be served up to Haven 55 guests. Pam said the catch is different each week and depends on what is available.

"We'll have a striped walleye with a honey lavender drizzle," she said. "It's different every Friday night. It's always fresh and never frozen. We have very good following for the Fresh Catch night, but our catfish is popular, too."

Pam said there are a couple things she wants folks unfamiliar with Haven 55 to know.

"Everything is prepared fresh and made to order," she said. "We take a little longer. It's all prepared when it's ordered. We don't pre-prep anything. It's all cooked to order. Oh, and we have a beautiful view of the river."

The Tavern at Haven 55 is open on Friday and Saturday nights.

Check out Haven 55 on Facebook for daily specials and visit to view their menu.

Good to know:

408 Havenhurst Drive

Pineville, Mo.


Open Tuesday -- Saturday 11am -- 2pm and 5pm -- 9pm

Tavern Hours:


5PM to 1:30AM

Serving house crafted pizza and other Tavern fare

BOX: Come join them for lunch or an evening out. Enjoy the relaxing view of Little Sugar Creek and all of the river wildlife, including the great blue heron, Mortimer, who is a regular visitor.

NAN Dining Guide Spotlight on 05/27/2018

Print Headline: Prime rib or Fresh Catch?


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