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Voting Judge Hixson

The dark, negative campaign that is being run for the Supreme Court of Arkansas I find to be very disconcerting. Those who sit on this high court should be above reproach. However it appears that one candidate has stooped to what, for me, is an unprecedented low level. His attacks on his opponents I find totally unacceptable. He needs to get out of the gutter.

I am supporting Judge Kenneth Hixson, who I believe truly is beyond reproach. He is a man of integrity and is head and shoulders above the fray. He is currently serving on the Arkansas Court of Appeals and is an adjunct professor at the University of Arkansas School of Law.

Judge Hixson has the judicial temperament and restraint to be an outstanding member of the Supreme Court of Arkansas. He is not a judicial activist and is not beholden to a special interest in Washington, D.C. His credentials are impeccable!

I urge you to think carefully and give your support to Judge Kenneth Hixson.



Candidates for office

Early voting has begun, and the primary is May 22, with candidates for major state offices. Too often voters go to the polls to "do their civic duty," but are ill-informed about the choices on the ballot. I recently heard the candidates for secretary of state and Supreme Court justice speak.

For secretary of state--State Rep. Trevor Drown. A UPS retiree, he has run his own business, and as a Special Forces Green Beret went on security missions overseas. Now in the state Legislature, he's highly qualified and prepared to oversee the security of our voting system and the state Capitol.

For Arkansas Supreme Court justice--Judge Kenneth Hixson. Judge Hixson is a mature jurist with a wide range of experience and knowledge of the law.

For governor--Gov. Asa Hutchinson. Asa is known as a practical-minded conservative with a wide range of experience. His opponent is Jan Morgan, whose experience as a gun-range owner and former reporter seem questionable qualifications to govern this state. Her goals, including repeal of Arkansas Works, could be highly detrimental to Arkansans.

Arkansas Works is an ingenious program Arkansas leadership devised in 2013 to avoid an Obamacare mandate to expand Medicaid, the health-care program for the poor. Through Arkansas Works, federal Medicaid funds are used to purchase insurance policies for those who qualify. Ultimately, Arkansas will pay 10 percent of the premium cost, but the insurance companies pay back 2½ percent tax. The state must pay around 30 percent of Medicaid costs.

Cutting Arkansas Works would be devastating for our medical services, especially community hospitals, again forced into uncompensated care.


Siloam Springs

Future generations

As a school administrator, I had thoughts, quotes that I used repetitively. I believed them; they were part of my core beliefs. When talking to parents I would say, "As parents, we want our children to have more than we had"; "Education is the great equalizer. Regardless of race, gender, wealth or lack of education, it gives everyone an equal opportunity." When speaking to faculty and staff I would remind them, "Things don't happen by accident but by design"; "What we do today makes a difference tomorrow."

Now that I am retired and have more years behind me than in front of me, I can't help now but to apply these thoughts to my children and grandchildren, and future generations. Most understand that our planet is warming, oceans are rising, severe weather is becoming more threatening. These impacts will have a direct effect on the future of mankind. But there are still those that hinder addressing the largest challenge man has had to face.

We need to embrace the "Seven Generation Stewardship," which was the Great Law of the Iroquois. The Iroquois were guided to think seven generations ahead and decide whether the decisions they make today would benefit their children seven generations into the future. We fail to plan and set long-term goals in this country. My worry is we do little till it's too late.

I still believe we all want our children to have more than we had. I do believe education is the path to success for everyone. I do know that planning with a master design in mind leads to accomplishments. And what we do or not do will make a difference tomorrow, good or bad.

What steps do we need to take to ensure our children for seven generations inherit a vibrant, sustainable planet? I have always wanted my children to be proud of me. The last thing I would want is for them to look back and say, "Why such shortsightedness?"



Troops work for pay

In another of his delusional tweets Trump states that his administration will not pay for California's deployment of National Guard troops to help secure our southern border. The reason Trump states for his attempt to not pay our hardworking and taxpaying troops is, "Gov. Jerry Brown announced he will deploy 'up to 400 National Guard troops' to do nothing'."

Do you feel like the National Guard does nothing? Should our troops be paid?

Arrests of illegal crossers are at the lowest level since 1971. This is due to hardworking people of our Border Patrol, not fixed fortifications that are breached routinely. People make our country safe, not giant walls that Mexico(?) will pay for.


Little Rock

Same song, new verse

What is the difference, if any, between what the Russians tried to do to the people of the United States in our last presidential election and what Judicial Crisis Network is trying to do to the people of Arkansas in our present Supreme Court election?



Editorial on 05/15/2018

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