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Admittedly, it would have been more fun if yesterday's column had included the answers to the 20 trivia questions about the NCAA Tournament, but it didn't so here they are:

1.Michigan sharpshooter Duncan Robinson transferred from what school?

C. Williams College, a NCAA Division III program where he was named to the New England Small Conference All-Tournament team as a freshman.

2.The team with the highest all-time winning percentage in the NCAA Tournament:

A. Duke is 109-37 with a winning percentage of .747. North Carolina's is .732, and that's why the ACC has the winningest percentage among all conferences with a .667.

3.The lowest seed (which for some reason really means highest seed) to win the NCAA Tournament:

A. Villanova. In 1985, the No. 8-seeded Wildcats made 22 of 28 shots (.786) and 22 of 27 free throws to upset Georgetown 66-64 in Lexington Ky. Incidentally, the Hoyas attempted only eight free throws, making six.

4.In 2008 Kansas was down nine points with 2:12 to play in regulation against John Calipari's Memphis team. What was the final score?

D. Kansas 75-68 in overtime. In regulation, the Tigers missed four of their final five free throws, thus sending it to overtime.

5.More than 83 million brackets were researched by the NCAA. How many picked Loyola-Chicago to win it all?

D. 17,556. Just out of curiosity, the current top 10 leaders in the bracket were checked and two had the Ramblers winning it all. The leader did not.

6.The greatest city to host the Final Four:

D. All the above. Yes, this was a subjective question, but your trusty scribe truly loves San Antonio.

7.Maguire University first got coaches tickets, but they buy them now because it is really:

C. A pub. In 1983 some Chicago high school basketball coaches formed the fake school and got tickets. Several years later they were busted by a Chicago sports writer.

8.Which coach has won an NBA and NCAA title?

A. Larry Brown. He led Kansas to the 1988 NCAA title and the 2004 Detroit Pistons.

9.Who was the last player from a losing team to be named Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four?

B. Hakeem Olajuwon, who played for Houston and was upset by North Carolina State in 1983.

10.What is the minimum capacity for an arena to host the Final Four?

D. 70,000

11.The NCAA has warned fans about buying tickets from:

C. Craigslist. Several fans have ended up with fake tickets from that site.

12.Where is the best place to eat in San Antonio?

A. Mi Tierra's. Another subjective question, but yours truly's favorite restaurant in the world.

13.Who first used the phrase "March Madness"?

B. Brent Musburger, who was CBS's top sportscaster until he was fired the day of the NCAA Championship on April Fool's Day, 1990.

14.Which is believed to be the first newspaper to use the phrase "Elite Eight"?

A. The Arkansas Democrat, 1983

15.What city has hosted the most Final Fours?

D. Kansas City with 10

16.Your trusty scribe covered how many consecutive Final Fours?

D. 30

17.Who asked this columnist at his first Final Four for a light?

A. Dean Smith, who shortly after gave up smoking

18.All four of this years's Final Four teams have won a national championship. How old was Porter Moser when Loyola-Chicago did it?

D. He was born five years after the 1963 historic championship game.

19.Which was the last team to repeat as national champions?

C. Duke, which won it all in 1991 and 1992

20.Which three coaches won a championship as a player and coach?

A. Joe B. Hall, Bob Knight and Dean Smith.

Sports on 03/30/2018

Print Headline: After trivia, time to move on to Final Four

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