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March Madness starts with one of the greatest weeks in all of college sports, and then the NCAA Tournament slowly gets more anticlimactic with each round.

Now we are facing the Final Four with three bluebloods -- Kansas, Michigan and Villanova -- and the only thing close to a Cinderella in Loyola-Chicago, but don't call the Ramblers a Cinderella.

The games don't start until Saturday, so here's some March Madness trivia for fun.

1.Michigan sharpshooter Duncan Robinson, fourth on the all-time three-point made list at Michigan, transferred to Michigan after starting his career for:

A. Ohio State Buckeyes. B. Michigan State Spartans. C. Williams College. D. Cal-Berkeley Bears.

2.The team with the highest winning percentage of all time in the NCAA Tournament:

A. Duke. B. Loyola-Chicago. C. UCLA. D. Kentucky.

3.What is the lowest seeded team to ever win the national championship, which happened on April Fool's Day?

A. Villanova. B. Arkansas. C. Brooklyn College. D. Oklahoma.

4.In 2008, Kansas trailed Memphis by nine points with 2:12 to play. Who won and what was the score?

A. Memphis 75-74. B. Memphis 80-66. C. Kansas 75-74. D. Kansas 75-68 (overtime).

5.Out of more than 83 million brackets for this year's tournament, Loyola-Chicago was picked to win it all on how many brackets?

A. 0. B. 1. C. 983. D. 17,556.

6.The greatest city to host the Final Four is:

A. San Antonio. B. San Antonio C. San Antonio D. All the above.

7.Since 1963, Maguire University has attended the Final Four. For many years it got coaches tickets (it now buys through the NCAA) but it was actually:

A. A two-year college. B. A seminary. C. A pub. D. An all men's college in Des Moines, Iowa.

8.Which coach has won an NBA and NCAA basketball championship?

A. Larry Brown. B. John Wooden. C. Adolph Rupp. D. Rick Majerus.

9.The last player selected Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four from a losing team was:

A. Gordon Hayward, Butler. B. Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston. C. Michael Jordan, North Carolina. D. Bobby Hurley, Duke.

10.What is the minimum capacity for an arena to host the Final Four?

A. 35,900. B. 52,000. C. 66,000. D. 70,000.

11.The NCAA has warned fans about buying tickets from:

A. Stubhub. B. Sears and Roebuck. C. Craig's List. D. Fans in a bar.

12.Where is the best place to eat in San Antonio?

A. Mi Tierra's. B. Waffle House. C. Friday's. D. Corky's Barbecue.

13.Who was the first to use the phrase "March Madness"?

A. Howard Cosell. B. Brent Musburger. C. Jason Whitlock. D. Clark Kellogg.

14.Which was the first newspaper believed to use the term "Elite Eight"?

A. Arkansas-Democrat. B. Washington Post. C. Dallas Morning News. D. Kansas City Star.

15.What city has hosted the most Final Fours?

A. St. Louis. B. Chicago. C. Atlanta. D. Kansas City.

16.Your trusty scribe covered how many consecutive Final Fours?

A. 21. B. 19. C. 24. D. 30.

17.At your trusty scribe's first Final Four, who asked him for a match for his cigarette?

A. Dean Smith. B. John Thompson. C. Bobby Knight. D. Jim Boeheim.

18.All four of this year's teams have won a national championship. How old was Porter Moser when Loyola-Chicago did it?

A. 1. B. 3. C. 5. D. He wouldn't be born until five years later.

19.Which was the last team to repeat as champions?

A. Kentucky. B. UCLA. C. Duke. D. Kansas.

20.Which three coaches have won a championship as a player and a coach?

A. Joe B. Hall, Bob Knight and Dean Smith. B. Knight, Smith and Nolan Richardson. C. Hall, Smith and John Wooden.

D. Wooden, Knight and Hall.

Answers Friday.

Sports on 03/29/2018

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