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William King Jr., the sheriff of York County, Maine, said a volunteer fire department in Limington has been ordered to stand down and not respond to any fire calls because its rescue gear is so outdated that it no longer meets national safety standards.

Peter Marr, president of a swimming club in Perth, Australia, said a fisherman will get a small reward for finding Daphne, the club's huge inflatable duck mascot, which was blown out to sea by a gust of wind and was found floating near an island about 20 miles away.

Christi Ruhtz, a sheriff's lieutenant in Pinellas County, Fla., was fired from her job after she was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence when she was spotted driving backward and honking her horn in the middle of the night, deputies said.

Helen Galli, 86, of Wyoming, Pa., who served 1,000 days in prison for sickening her son's girlfriend by spiking a glass of juice with antifreeze in 2010, now faces nine months of house arrest after pleading no contest to avoid a second trial ordered when her previous conviction was overturned.

Carmen Ferrufino Perdomo, 31, of Charlotte, N.C., was arrested for using a rented SUV to transport six Mexican citizens who had just illegally entered the U.S. at a remote crossing in Vermont near the Canadian border, investigators said.

Anna Munson, 45, resigned as chief financial officer at a school district in Columbia, Mo., after she was charged with receiving stolen property in the disappearance of thousands of dollars from a high school band booster group where she volunteered as treasurer, authorities said.

Sebastian von Bruun, a member of the Finnish coast guard, filmed colleague Kristian Rasted pulling a helpless young white-tailed deer that got stuck on a patch of ice back to shore, where it rushed back into the woods and reunited with its mother.

Mitch Nobles, the sheriff of Perry County, Miss., said a 12-year-old boy was returned to his family in Mobile County, Ala., after the child took his father's SUV and drove into Mississippi, where he eventually ran out of gas at a convenience store in New Augusta.

Austin Pape, 20, pleaded innocent to charges that he drove onto the baseball field outside Dyersville, Iowa, made famous by the 1989 movie Field of Dreams, leaving deep gashes in the field and causing an estimated $5,500 in damage, investigators said.

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