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Jean Cairns takes a lot of pride in Angus Jack.

"It's our own concept," she said. "It's a better burger and it's also personal to Ian and I. Everything about it is personalized."

With locations in Springdale and now in Bentonville, Angus Jack is becoming a local favorite for burger fans around the region. Jean and her husband, Ian, opened the Springdale location five years ago. Recently the couple opened their second location in Bentonville and business has been brisk.

"The ultimate goal is to franchise," Ian explained. "We want to get a third location going and open it up for franchising."

With expansion in mind Ian - a longtime restaurant owner and manager - designed the concept to do one thing... create a better burger.

"It has been a dream for quite a while," Jean said. "It just happened five years ago. The meat is high quality. It's fresh and never frozen. The beef is hand-pattied in the store before every shift. The fries are cut fresh."

In creating their own unique restaurant concept the couple paid homage to a special family member.

"We gave all of our burgers names with 'Jack' in them," she said. "It is our theme throughout the restaurant. It's named after my daddy who sadly passed away two weeks before we opened the Springdale location."

Now, five years into the burger game, Angus Jack has grown it's menu from a couple of burger options to a dozen-plus burgers, other sandwiches, hand cut fries, shakes and sides. All of the burgers can be customized, or "Jacked up" as the couple likes to say.

All about the burgers

"The Razorback Jack is probably our best seller," Ian said of the double patty bacon cheeseburger. "The Geneva Jack we came up with this year. It has buttermilk fried mushrooms, garlic aioli and Swiss cheese. It's our version of a mushroom Swiss burger.

The Haystack Jack is a single patty burger with fried onion straws served on top with barbeque sauce."

Angus Jack does have several non-burger options, but really it's all about the burgers.

"Our Cactus Jack has fried pickles on top," Ian added. "We just introduced a Slap Jack. It's super spicy and slaps you up side the face. It's got sriracha sauce, pepper jack cheese and breaded deep-fried jalapenos. We have the Jose,' which is made like a quesadilla and is folded into a tortilla with Pico De Gallo. We have the Lumber Jack and it's our biggest burger. As the name suggests, it's for someone with a pretty good sized appetite three beef patties and three cheese slices."

Jean jumped in with her opinion on the restaurant's top option.

"The absolute best burger at the end of the day is the Wee Jack," she said. "It's sliders, available in a 6 pack or a 12 pack that comes with cheese and grilled onions. It's really good."

"We have introduced some new fry combinations," Jean said. "We have loaded fries and now black and blue fries with blue cheese dressing and Romano and Parmesan cheese. All hand cut."

Gluten free and dairy free buns

For those who may be gluten or dairy intolerant, Angus Jack is prepared to accommodate your dietary needs. Around the time the couple was opening their first location, Ian's father was diagnosed with celiac disease, a serious autoimmune disorder.

"We began to realize it was a big deal," Jean said. "It is hard to go out to eat as a family because you have to be gluten conscious. We spent a lot of time sourcing the gluten free products and a gluten free bun. There's only a handful of things on the menu that we can't prepare gluten free."

The couple and staff take seriously the way in which they handle their gluten free orders and have designated kitchen space, equipment and procedures meant for preparing their gluten free items.

When the Springdale location opened word spread quickly around the region about the new restaurant's brand and their burgers unique flavor profiles. The same will be true about their new Bentonville location.

"Every burger is customizable," Jean said. "You can order a basic burger and 'Jack' it up with any toppings you want. It's customizable. We started with three burgers and now the menu has grown to include something for every taste."

Good to know

Angus Jack offers more than 20 different hand scooped shakes and 20 different flavors of the Jack Frost, which is a frozen drink. The restaurant also serves several vegetarian and non-beef options for their health conscious guests. They have an excellent black bean burger as well as a turkey burger and multiple chicken options.


Angus Jack

2638 W. Sunset Ave.


10AM -- 8PM Sunday -- Tuesday

10AM -- PM Wednesday -- Saturday



1001 SW. Regional Airport Blvd.

Open seven days a week

10AM -- 8PM Sunday -- Tuesday

10AM -- PM Wednesday -- Saturday



Get social:

Instagram: @angusjackburgers

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