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Petty, jealous people

Back when my kids were younger, I took a second job to help pay the bills. I sought and received permission from my primary employer and made sure that my second job did not conflict with the hours or duties of my main job. I thought my actions were noble and unselfish ... but apparently the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette would disagree. Christina Munoz-Madsen was blasted in your newspaper for doing the exact same thing.

I guess had someone complained anonymously 15 years ago about my second job I might have been the subject of a newspaper article too. And I might have been forced to quit my second job ... as a newspaper carrier for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. It seems your reporter allowed herself to be used by petty, jealous, nameless people, and your editors deemed her efforts worthy of the front page of the Arkansas section. About all I can do to express my displeasure is write this letter and cancel my subscription.


Little Rock

What is considered?

What a fine article in Perspective regarding the EPA. Two knowledgeable reporters interview Scott Pruitt, the current EPA administrator. I think the real issue over controversies he has generated is the rights of states. Mr. Pruitt explained well his views that federal laws regarding the environment have created EPA's control over all states, to the cost and disadvantage of some, and that a state's authority to handle its resources, needs and productivity should be possible within a federal law. The Clean Water and Clean Air acts were discussed in depth.

My question, which did not seem to be raised, is this: Are basic laws of nature, water currents and air flows and all their variation being considered? One state's use of waters or air is not limited to that state's boundaries. Air with CO2 is an accepted danger, Mr. Pruitt understands, but not at the present. Global pollution, he points out, is a problem which is more of a future matter when there are more critical matters to consider, such as ISIS.

Sometimes I think we're really into global politics. We are still the United States of America. Perhaps our representatives and senators do not listen to "we the people" and perhaps "we the people" do not let them know our objections. Good arguments deserve to be heard and very much considered. This article was Q&A, not debate. I would like to see debates restored to our process of election, not individual stump speeches or audience entertainment.

These days, with technology and military might, our good people in Congress need to know a lot more than just about their own districts or states. They need to know about the world and the influences and tactics, other than just war, which could change the U.S. permanently from within. We do have our adversaries. Rome was a startling example of being defeated very gradually and mostly by itself. Money and power are not the absolutes.


North Little Rock

Pawn of oil industry

I was having a fairly pleasant afternoon until I discovered the interview with Scott Pruitt in the Perspective section last Sunday. What a way to ruin a day! This was filled with Pruitt's ill-concealed rationales for his environment-destroying agenda. So it's all about states' rights and overreaching by the federal government? The problem we face is called global warming and must be handled by all countries working together. Unfortunately, it has become abundantly clear that no one in the Trump administration knows how to work with another country; they just know how to alienate them.

After the inauguration the administration muzzled the EPA for a time and then eliminated references to climate change on its website. Let me make this very clear: Scott Pruitt is the puppet, pawn, lackey, sycophant and creature of the oil and gas industry. We must move forward with wind and solar energy in order to help heal our planet and leave a habitable space for our children. It is sad that some oil and gas workers may lose jobs, but I personally had to reinvent myself at least three times in order to raise children as a single parent. It can be done; sometimes personal sacrifice is necessary.

The Sierra Club, Ocean Conservancy, Greenpeace and other groups always welcome new members.


Little Rock

Necessary for some

We are writing on behalf of those who require opioids for daily function, not addiction. Opioids are a necessity for pain control when surgeries fail, conditions say no to additional surgeries, one has disabilities (e.g., ankylosing spondylitis), is elderly (aging bodies that don't regenerate anymore), or has numerous other conditions.

Continued opioid usage is for pain relief (survival) and not for getting high (addiction). Yes, there are circumstances in which opioids are abused, but it would be a burden to deny those who truly need relief from chronic pain in order to function.

Doctors should have the right to administer pain medications as needed for each individual's quality of life. Every individual's needs are different and regulations across the board will be detrimental for a great number of sufferers. Medication management and education are needed, along with enforcement within the illegal drug trade.

We must have awareness of those whose daily lives are affected: Our family members, neighbors, friends and those within our communities need your support.

Please contact your elected officials in support of nongovernmental regulations in regard to opioid usage. Thank you.



Mountain Home

Make yourself known

I've been following the news about the anonymous complaints made against Christina Munoz-Madsen. I find it amusing that the complainant doesn't have the courage to identify him/herself, yet takes Ms. Munoz-Madsen to task for not following academic standards.

I was taught that if I wanted to be taken seriously, I had to own my own opinions. Isn't that also an important academic standard? The entire thing sounds like sour grapes, perhaps from an unsuccessful candidate for her position at UCA. I suppose the administration has to take such complaints seriously, but so far, it seems Ms. Munoz-Madsen has been playing by the rules and is handling this in a professional manner. Way to go, Christina!

To appear in the letters column, I have to sign my name, so come on, Anonymous, just let it go.


Little Rock

Worthy of hall of fame

My all-time favorite restaurant recently was inducted into the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame. If you have never eaten at McClard's BBQ in Hot Springs ... well ... why not? There is not a bad item on the menu. From the tamale spread ... the ribs ... all the way down to the perfectly prepared french fries, it is worth your gas to drive from anywhere in Arkansas and give it a try!

And by the way, since eating is something all Arkansans enjoy doing ... who else was inducted?



Editorial on 03/12/2018

Print Headline: Letters

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