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ROGERS -- Fifty townhomes will be built on roughly eight acres on South Bellview Road.

The Planning Commission approved Swope Consulting's request for the Summer Ridge Townhomes development at 6584 S. Bellview Road during a meeting Tuesday. The property is in the residential multifamily zone, but it's surrounded by single-family housing on three sides.

Two residents attended the meeting to express concern about the project in relation to their homes.

Derek Brautnick, a resident of the nearby Creekwood neighborhood, speculated the increased traffic on Bellview Road would become an issue.

Greg Herzig said the high density of the proposed development didn't bother him, but its proximity to his house does. Herzig requested a line of trees be planted as a screen between the properties.

John McCurdy, director of community development, said the project meets minimum standards for separation from the next development, which in this case is 75 feet.

A density committee met before the commission meeting to review the project and recommended its approval. A parcel this size would ordinarily be allowed 48 units, but it was granted 50 units due to an excess of greenspace, 40 percent, according to a staff report.

The development project committee reviewed and recommended granting the project's waivers to increase the number of curb cuts from one to two, a waiver for street improvement, since the city contracted to improve the road before the project, and to not require a 6-foot privacy fence. Commissioners said trees as a screen would be sufficient, and requested information from the nursery instead.

NW News on 03/07/2018

Print Headline: High density townhome development planned for Bellview

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