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story.lead_photo.caption Green Giant Veggie Spirals - Photo by Jennifer Christman

WHAT: Green Giant Veggie Spirals

STATS: Varies by flavor. One serving (3/4 cup) of the Zucchini, for example, contains 15 calories and zero fat, carbohydrate, 1 fiber, 1 sugar and 1 protein grams. We received press samples, and we bought the Zucchini version at Walmart, 700 Bowman Road, Little Rock. More information (and a $1 off coupon offer) at

THE SKINNY: We've always liked spiral-cut vegetables. Correction: We've always liked curly fries.

Now it's on-trend to spiralize all kinds of other produce. But if you don't want to spend the energy, not to mention the money on yet another kitchen contraption, Green Giant offers Veggie Spirals. The plain frozen vegetables with no salt or sauces added are available in four varieties: Beets, Carrot, Butternut Squash and Zucchini, and can be microwaved in the bag (or prepared in a skillet, as recommended) in mere minutes.

The result seems to be a lot of water and not a lot of vegetables. With the Zucchini, we didn't make four side servings out of a bag, rather we made two.

Still, Veggie Spirals make a fast, simple substitute for pasta and can help keep calories and carbohydrates from spiraling out of control.

-- Jennifer Christman

Slim Pickings is a weekly review of light foods.

ActiveStyle on 03/05/2018

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