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J.J. Ramsey and his wife, Hortensia, are excited to share seven of their specialty Schlotzsky's sandwiches. The couple co-own the three Schlotzsky's locations in Northwest Arkansas.

Try all seven,"J.J. said. "They are fantastic. It's something new for people to try. Try the Pick 2 with two different half sandwiches if you like. Just try something different when you come in."

Through mid April, J.J.'s locations in Fayetteville, Springdale and Rogers will feature seven sandwiches, all with very different taste profiles.

"We have a pretty big menu," he said. "The Original is still our No. 1 seller," It is still the biggest seller because that's what we are known for. That's all we sold the first couple of years Schlotzsky's was open. It's what Schlotzsky's is built on and you can't get that sandwich anywhere else."

While The Original is the most popular sandwich the Schlotzsky's sells, several other menu items are gaining in popularity.

"We have the Chicken Bacon Smoke Cheesy and it's delicious," J.J. assures.

"It's a bigger sandwich and the tastes are just out of this world. We have vegetarian options with the Caprese. I've never had a vegetarian sandwich that tasted so good. It comes on a ciabatta bun and you get Mozzarella cheese and you get a balsamic glaze with field greens, tomatoes onions, green basil pesto sauce, mayo and roasted red tomatoes. The Tuscan is ridiculous. It's one of my favorite sandwiches on the menu. The Original is my all-time favorite, but The Tuscan is right there with it. It's not something you would expect from Schlotzsky's. It's not on sour dough bread, it's on a ciabatta bun. It's amazing. Chicken Bacon Smoke Cheesy is great. Our Bacon Grilled Cheese is delicious. The Sicilian. Seven in all and all are delicious. So many options."

Not just a sandwich shop

With Lent on the horizon many people will be seeking out vegetarian options for their meals.

"People are looking for vegetarian options during Lent and that is a great sandwich to try. It's a great option. You can have a salad and half a Caprese sandwich. We have a vegetarian flat bread and veggie pizza and there are plenty of options to get, too."

J.J. suggests trying the restaurant's Pick 2 option. Pick and half sandwich and get a soup or salad for one price.

"We sell a lot of healthy and fresh options," he said. "You can make any sandwich a wrap. You can do a Pick 2 with salad and soup. There's tons of options. Schlotzsky's is not just a sandwich shop."

When you sell a lot sandwiches... and Schlotzsky's certainly does... it's all about great bread.

"Our bread is what we are known for," J.J. added. "It's what sets us apart. We bake our sourdough, wheat, rye and jalapeno bread from scratch every day. It's just the smell and taste and texture. You can't get a taste like that anywhere else. That's what makes it so popular. The fresh bread baked from scratch every day is what is so special."

Sandwiches and salads are always a great option, but don't forget about the soup. J.J.'s restaurants have that covered, too.

"I offer four soups at all of our three locations," he explained. "Soups sell great all year around. We have a Loaded Baked Potato, Broccoli Cheese, Tomato Basil and French Onion and we serve them seven days a week."

J.J. and his wife and business partner, Hortensia, know the food must be great to keep guests coming back week after week. He also understands another factor is key to success.

"Customer service is key," J.J. stressed. "The answer is yes... What's the question? That's what I teach all of my crews. We will do whatever we can to make a guest's experience great. I want every experience to great and an extension of me and my wife. and be respectful. There are two things I say everyday. No. 1 is be of service in your professional and personal life. And, No 2 The answer is yes... what's the question? It's a culture thing. It's an atmosphere I want to create. It's all of our jobs to do a great job and make it a big deal that the customer walked in the door."

NAN Dining Guide Cover on 03/04/2018

Print Headline: 'Customer service is key'

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