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GOP, Trump's tactics

eroding party support

I'm heartsick that our members of Congress support a president who would use such despicable tactics as holding children hostage in an effort to force Democrats to fund a wall on the border. It's nothing short of blackmail. Rep. Womack, Sen. Cotton and Sen. Boozman can spin this situation any way they want, but it's not humane and it's not ethical; it's


My husband is a Republican. He is in shock at how nasty the GOP has become, and has already indicated that he will not vote Republican again until the GOP gets its house in order and returns to a more moderate stance. He is completely against Trump and has voiced his disgust with him on more occasions than I can count. It would behoove our members of Congress to change their ways, as they are quickly losing the intelligent members of their constituency.

Leslie K. Ray


Following this recipe

not good for U.S. future

How to create the next 9/11 terrorist:

1. Take one small child, exhausted from his long and dangerous journey.

2. At the U.S. border, take him from his mother.

3. Place him in a strange room with other children, all crying for their mothers and dads.

4. Speak to him in a language he does not understand.

5. As he cries for his mama, place him in a wire cage.

6. Amid the cries of the other terrified children, allow him to cry himself to sleep.

7. Wait 10 years.

8. The boy is now a man who never found his mom, but he does find a "family" of others just like him.

9. Congratulations! Your future terrorist is now done.

From William Shakespeare: "The measure you give will be the measure you get."

Peggy Scales


Commentary on 06/24/2018

Print Headline: NWA Letters to the Editor

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