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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded May 14-May 18:

Mexico Chiquito Highway 10 LLC to Anchor Realty Investments LLC, L4, Candlewood Commercial, $1,550,000.

HDJ Realty LLC; Matthews Properties, LLC to First Security Bank, SE SW 33-3N-11W, $900,000.

Chenal Valley Construction Inc. to Sarah and Peter Lindley, 309 Eagle Pass Cove, Little Rock. L12 B31, Woodlands Edge, $885,000.

Sashi Kona and Naga Yenduri to Atif and Tania Akhtar, 35 Orle Circle, Little Rock. L7 B116, Chenal Valley, $735,000.

James P. and Toga Tuite to David H. and Callie B. Gutierrez, 2901 N. Fillmore St., Little Rock. Ls5-6 B9, Park View, $721,000.

Markus Homes Inc. to Jeffrey Robertson and Michelle Jupin, 1207 Dorado Beach Drive, Little Rock. L51, Hickory Grove Phase III, $550,000.

William K. and Emily K. Robertson to Catta LLC, Ls7-8 B5, Mountain Park, $515,000.

Ricardo Caceda and Jessica M. Carbajal-Caceda to Jason A. and Melanie B. Smith, 38 River Ridge Circle, Little Rock. L36, Riverview Manor, $513,000.

Douglas C. and Kimberly A. Buchholz to D. E. and Katie W. Branscum, 182 Courts Lane, Little Rock. L22 B124, Chenal Valley, $502,000.

James M. and Charlotte A. Hobbs to Vanessa R. and Charles D. McDaniel Jr. and The Charles & Vanessa McDaniel Joint Revocable Trust, 3100 Woodsgate Drive, Little Rock. L4 B9, Woodlands Edge, $410,000.

Thomas and Stephanie Strode to Bportistime LLC, 104 Ponca Drive, Maumelle. L10, Osage Falls Phase IV, $406,000.

Stephanie L. Mallette and Robert W. Nokes Jr. to Sandesh R. and Nayana Prabhu, 13601 Foxfield Lane, Little Rock. L12 B12, Woodlands Edge, $385,047.

Copestone Investments Inc. to Antonio M. and Youlanda Howard, L159, Ashley Downs Phase 1, $376,500.

Hat Properties LLC to Anastasia and Jeremy P. Blaylock, 4613 Westchester Drive, Little Rock. L15, Westchester Phase II-B, $366,000.

Jim Pace Homes LLC to Joan B. and Tillman B. Blann Jr. and The Tim & Joan Blann Revocable Trust, L3, Georganne Estates, $355,000.

John Chun to Mnoharan Muthusamy and Mekala Manoharan, 128 Blackburn Drive, Little Rock. L8 B23, Villages Of Wellington, $354,000.

Kevin Driver Builder LLC to John and Chrissy Midkiff, 416 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock. L85 B3, Wildwood Place, $348,071.

Don Morgan to Jason N. and Lindsay C. Arthur, 5 Woodfern Drive, Little Rock. L31 B20, Woodlands Edge, $347,500.

Budco Inc. to Lisa White, 9708 Hickory Heights Drive, Sherwood. L9, Miller Heights, $340,000.

Riviera Partners LLC to RLBM Management LLC, Unit 601, Riviera HPR, $336,500.

Jeffrey H. Jeter to David L. and Carla J. Hudson, 3 Grayan Court, Little Rock. L12 B25, Chenal Valley, $331,000.

Dierich LLC to Stephen and Cara Chapman, 116 Village Creek Court, North Little Rock. L38 B38, Overbrook, $327,000.

Copeland Hughes and Sarah T. Johnson to Jonathan C. and Brittany R. Watson, 6 Cape Cod Court, Little Rock. L47, Pebble Beach Park, $315,000.

Peter Dippel and Ashley Pendergraft (aka Ashley Dippel) to Tyler Merrill and Jessica C. Morrison, 11583 Rivercrest Drive, Little Rock. L44 B3, Walton Heights, $302,000.

Matthew C. and Angela J. Hutsell to Holt Investments LLC, 10820 Frenchmen Loop, North Little Rock. L11, Frenchman Woods, $300,000.

Bruce Engel Construction Inc. to Joseph E. and Karen J. Quigley, 1817 Creekview Drive, Sherwood. L15 B10, Creekside, $299,900.

Miguel M. Reales and Martina Casserly to Joshua M. and Kelly Bittle, 4 Heatherbrae Court, Little Rock. L23, Heatherbrae, $299,000.

Lonnie L. and Brenda J. Lindekugel and The Lindekugel Irrevocable Trust to Jerry and Jacqueline R. Salluom, 190 Marseille Drive, Maumelle. L347R, Country Club Of Arkansas, $295,000.

Margaret W. Bowman to Taylor Ghahremani and Chance Scamardo, 1601 N. Grant St., Little Rock. L6 B26, Mountain Park, $292,000.

Mark D. and Traci D. Jones to Zachary G. and Margaret L. Rowan, 12611 Meadows Edge Lane, Little Rock. L3 B7, Woodlands Edge, $290,000.

Samuel T. Ford to Jared M. and Elizabeth A. Heiles, 2116 N. Garfield St., Little Rock. L9 B2, Altheimer, $287,000.

Kent C. and Marie E. Kolstad to Michael S. Jordan, 112 Valley Ranch Way, Little Rock. L7 B1, Valley Ranch, $286,000.

Blaine M. Orth and Monica J. Shuster-Orth and The Orth Living Trust to Marcus B. and Hannah E. Perez, 132 Scenic Valley Loop, Maumelle. L103 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $282,500.

John M. and Lindsey P. Adam to Jon R. and Kelley A. Comer, 2041 Miramonte Drive, Sherwood. L58, Millers Valley Phase 2, $270,000.

Eugene L. Maris Jr., Kristin C. Maris, Christopher B. Maris, Elizabeth M. Maris to Zachary W. and Sydney A. Smith, 15 Rock Ridge Road, Roland. SE NW 1-2N-15W; NE SW 1-2N-15W, $269,000.

Doris L. and Charles W. Dill to Richard and Cindi Ospina, 3412 Pope Ave., North Little Rock. L4 B53, Lakewood, $262,500.

Julianne M. and Chris E. Vanlaningham, to James A. and Ruth A. Harvey, L96, Carriage Creek Phase II, $259,500.

Joseph L. and Dana M. Ward to Brenda J. and Harold D. Smith Jr., 116 Dusquesne Court, Little Rock. L150 B48, Duquesne Place Neighborhood - Chenal Valley, $259,000.

D. A. Phillips Homes LLC to Shane R. and Chelsea Z. Barnette, 9317 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood. L7, Millers Glen Phase 2, $258,500.

James and Dawne Sokora to Amy A. and Matthew Hester, 25 Nob View Circle, Little Rock. L196, Leawood Heights 3rd, $245,000.

Ronald and Kari Losh to Aubrietta Jones and Jeffery T. Warrick, 177 Marseille Drive, Maumelle. L265, Country Club Of Arkansas, $242,000.

Regina E. Lynch (aka Regina E. Goins) to Shana L. Wilson, 146 Pleasantwood Drive, Maumelle. L31, Pleasantwood, $241,300.

Wayne Moore Construction Company to Kay J. Smith and The Kay Jean Smith Family Trust, LD32, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $238,000.

Daniel Scott Construction LLC to Nathan V. Schoyek and Natalie Gallant, 3216 Stonehill Drive, Sherwood. L58 B11, Stonehill Phase VI, $237,650.

Joseph W. and Dawn M. Eick to Dechelle and Charles A. Woods Jr., 25 Courtside Place, Little Rock. L12, Courtside Place, $230,000.

Lakey Goff (aka Lakey Sanford) to Michael and Meagan Guertin, 1867 S. Gaines St., Little Rock. L4 B1, Weldon E. Wright, $227,900.

Piper and Mark H. Groves (aka Piper D. Thomas) to Copeland L. Hughes and Sarah T. Johnson, 11427 Gila Valley Drive, Little Rock. L16 B37, Pleasant Valley, $227,500.

Larry Walden LLC to Chul H. and Young S. Lee, 916 Millers Glen Drive, Sherwood. L35, Millers Glen Phase 2, $227,500.

Benjamin and Laura Brentmeier and The BLB Revocable Trust to Tiffany D. and Jason E. Davenport, 5405 Randolph Road, North Little Rock. L1 B4, Overbrook, $225,000.

Thomas M. Davis and The Thomas A. Davis Living Trust to Laura J. Prange and The Laura Jo Prange Revocable Trust, 13414 Willow Beach Road, North Little Rock. L52, Willow Beach Estates Phase IV, $220,000.

Khani F. and Andrew Bradsher, Jonathan and Virginia Fravel to Seth Bartholomew, 5328 B St., Little Rock. L19 B15, Pfeifer, $214,500.

Neely B. and Sherry J. Robertson to Patricia J. Matthews, L419, Kingwood Place, $213,900.

Michael D. and Jadeyi F. Whatley to David and Jean Guyor, 4712 Brandywine Cove, Sherwood. L20, Club Cove, $210,000.

Kristina P. and Daren Igel to James and Kaytrana Ward, 3 Tom Watson Cove, Little Rock. L1032, Fairway Woods Phase V, $207,000.

William W. and Debra C. Shownes to Paula D. Boyle, 103 Illinois Bayou Drive, Sherwood. L2 B34, Overbrook, $200,000.

Allgood Custom Homes LLC to Helen and Vincent Willis, 1216 Windsor Court, Jacksonville. L12, Jamestown Phase 2, $198,900.

Rachael Rodriguez to John W. and Mylinda C. Haltom, 7805 Evergreen Drive, Little Rock. L31, Leawood Manor 1st, $195,000.

Joan B. and Tillman B. Blann Jr. and The Tim & Joan Blann Revocable Trust to Norma L. Dixon, 172 Carnelian Drive, Sherwood. L8 B2, Stonehill, $195,000.

Ian and Michelle Granier to Charles E. McCollum, 6000 Flight Court, Jacksonville. L53, Base Meadows Phase 1B, $192,000.

Jaime A. and Scott Beard to Jill and Grant Ponder, 68 Kings River Road, North Little Rock. L9 B7, Overbrook, $185,000.

James A. and Nedra D. Wood to H. Trenton and Karen J. Bonner, 5131 Lochridge Road, North Little Rock. L6 B208, Park Hill NLR, $185,000.

Stephen D. and Cara L. Chapman to Andrew Wells, 501 Thayer St., Little Rock. L1 B28, Capitol Hill Extension, $185,000.

Zachary and Sydney Smith to Joseph J. Murphree, 1322 Gamble Road, Little Rock. L36, Westhampton, $184,500.

Robert J. Dacus to Edgar S. and Alice Y. Estes, L79, Briarwood, $184,000.

Wayne A. Campbell to Steve Criswell, 25 Johnny Lane, Sherwood. L44, Indian Ridge Phase I, $178,000.

Justin W. and Abigail L. Triviski to Austin C. and Holly Clevenger, 5132 Austin Lakes Circle, Sherwood. L145, Austin Lakes, $177,500.

Sheena M. Howell and Sheena H. Elam to Ahmad Aladhami and Rana Baiytti, Ls49-50, Aspen Highlands Phase II, $175,000.

David M. and Lindsey B. Walt to Randy Wright, 509 Eagle Pass Cove, Little Rock. L10 B31, Woodlands Edge, $175,000.

Jett & Georganne Ricks Family Corporation, Inc. to Meredith L. McKinney, 5621 C St., Little Rock. L13 B1, Oak Grove, $170,600.

Joshua P. and Lauren Keller to Brian and Jessica Jackson, 119 Harmony Loop, Maumelle. L69, Pleasantwood, $165,000.

First Community Bank and Carol L. Baker Living Trust to Edward and Sue Stafford, L2, Spring Glen, $163,900.

Kristie M. and Richard L. Obert to Winston Sizemore, 317 S. Pine St., Little Rock. L10 B7, Plateau, $160,000.

Steve and Alana Reed to Stephanie Spurgat, 11901 Southridge Drive, Little Rock. L28 B5, Walton Heights, $159,000.

Stephen and Alicia Geppert to John H. Pennington, 7502 Briarwood Drive, Little Rock. L27, Briarwood, $158,000.

Thomas E. Patterson to Dakota G. Waters, 5500 Aviator Drive, Jacksonville. L86, Base Meadows Phase 2, $154,900.

Jerrod and Karen Copeland to Aaron and Robyn Cartwright, 301 N. Beverly Ave., Sherwood. L13 B4, Country Club Park, $150,000.

Barbara G. and Christopher A. Steel Sr., to Abdallah Dalabih, 3124 Echo Valley Drive, Little Rock. L81, Echo Valley First, $150,000.

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