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Little Rock plans to spend $56 million over a three-year period on street and drainage projects throughout the city.

City staff members proposed a list of projects across all seven wards Tuesday after holding community meetings to seek input. The projects will be completed from 2019 through 2021.

It's the last phase of a 10-year plan that began in 2011 funded by a three-eighth percent capital improvement portion of a voter-approved sales tax.

This last phase will be funded with $14 million of revenue from that tax and $42 million from the 2018 Capital Improvement Bonds.

The amount to be spent per ward varies, but in total across the 10-year improvement program each ward was allocated about the same amount.

The city set aside 10 percent of the funds for projects deemed to be citywide improvements, no matter where they were located.

The Little Rock Board of Directors will vote to finalize the list at its meeting next week. The recommended projects are:

Ward 1: $8.4 million

• Culvert replacement in the 2400 block of 13th Street.

• Storm drain replacement on 22nd Street between Dennison Street to Howard Street.

• Swaggerty Branch culvert rehabilitation from Roosevelt Road to 31st Street.

• Sixth Street drainage improvements from Collins Street to McLean Street.

• Wright Avenue streetscape improvements from Summit Street to Wolfe Street.

• Boulevard Avenue street reconstruction from Charles Bussey Avenue to 22nd Street.

• Midtown neighborhood street reconstruction: Abigail Street from 26th Street to 27th Street, and 27th Street from Abigail Street to Elm Street.

• Railroad overpass rehabilitation on 13th Street.

• Valentine Street reconstruction from Eighth Street to 12th Street.

• Marshall Street sidewalks from Roosevelt Road, south to end of the street.

• Martin Luther King Jr. Drive drainage improvements from 19th Street to 24th Street.

• Construct new and replacement sidewalks throughout the ward.

• Resurfacing streets throughout the ward.

Ward 2: $6.7 million

• Grant Street at Buchanan Street drainage improvements.

• Senate Drive ditch improvements.

• Loetscher Lane drainage improvements from Loetscher Lane to Sunset Lane.

• Madison Street reconstruction from 10th Street to 12th Street.

• Maryland Avenue reconstruction from Abigail Street to Lewis Street.

• Tenth Street reconstruction from Washington Street to Madison Street.

• Oak Grove Lane sidewalks from Fairfield Drive to Valley Drive.

• Geyer Springs Road reconstruction from Hutsell Road to 56th Street.

• Daily Drive sidewalk and street improvements.

• Reconstruction of 19th Street from University Avenue to Grant Street.

• Construct new and replacement sidewalks throughout the ward.

• Resurfacing streets throughout the ward.

Ward 3: $8 million

• Valentine Street drainage improvements from Markham Street to Fourth Street.

• West Fourth Street drainage and street improvements from Valentine Street to Martin Street.

• Fillmore Street drainage and street improvements from Y Street to Z Street.

• Briarwood area drainage improvements from Sun Valley Road north.

• B Street reconstruction from Polk Street to Tyler Street.

• Polk Street reconstruction from H Street to G Street.

• Barton Street drainage improvements from Dennison Street to Third Street.

• Stonewall and Country Club drainage from Van Buren Street to Spruce Street.

• Shannon Drive reconstruction from Broadview Drive to Pine Manor Drive.

• Lookout Road sidewalk from Ash Street to Allsopp Park Drive.

• Construct new and replacement sidewalks throughout the ward.

• Resurfacing streets throughout the ward.

Ward 4: $9.7 million

• Longlea Drive culvert replacement south of El Dorado Drive.

• Leatrice Drive drainage improvements at East Shore Drive.

• Breckenridge Drive culvert replacement at Grassy Flat Creek.

• Harris Street construction south of Cantrell Road.

• North Rodney Parham Road reconstruction from Hinson Road to Pleasant Forest Drive.

• Pleasant Valley Drive sidewalk from Breckenridge Drive to west of Interstate 430.

• Reservoir Road improvements from Reservoir Court to Beacon Hill Apartments.

• Resurfacing streets throughout the ward.

Ward 5: $6.9 million

• Madison Valley drainage improvements west of Madison Valley subdivision.

• Kanis Road improvements from Point West Drive to Gamble Road.

• Bella Rosa Drive reconstruction from Taylor Loop Road north to the bridge.

• Chenal Parkway intersection improvements at Bowman Road, Westhaven Drive and Rahling Road.

• Gamble Road improvements from Markham Street to Stacy Lane.

• Katillus Road/Forest Lane reconstruction south of Cantrell Road.

• Chenal Parkway subsurface drainage improvements at various locations.

• Rummel Road reconstruction from Countryside Cove to Mooser Lane.

• Construct new and replacement sidewalks throughout the ward.

• Resurfacing streets throughout the ward.

Ward 6: $7.8 million

• Kanis Road improvements from Embassy Suites Drive to Bowman Road.

• Design and right-of-way acquisition for Bowman Road from Kanis Road to Cherry Laurel Drive.

• Bellemeade Drive reconstruction from 30th Street to 32nd Street.

• Kanis Road improvements from Business Park Drive to Michael Drive.

• Walker Street reconstruction from 26th Street to 28th Street.

• Barrow Road streetscape, Phase 2.

• Spring Valley drainage improvements at Cooper Orbit Drive and Manor Drive.

• 22nd Street drainage improvements at Perry Street and 22nd Street.

• Resurfacing streets throughout the ward.

Ward 7: $8.5 million

• Claybrook Road drainage from Courtfield Drive to Churchhill Road.

• Yorkwood area floodway improvements.

• Mabelvale Pike improvements from Sibley Hole Road to Helm Drive.

• Crystal Valley Road improvements from Cobblestone Creek Court to Redleaf Circle.

• Eastwood Street reconstruction from Brandon Street to Vinewood Lane.

• Yarberry Lane reconstruction from Deer Meadow Drive to Springtree Drive.

• Chicot Road improvements from Mabelvale Cutoff Road to Yarberry Lane.

• Janmar Drive drainage improvements along Sheraton Drive from Southmont Drive to Lamont Drive.

• Pecan Lake subdivision drainage improvements at various locations.

• Construct new and replacement sidewalks throughout the ward.

• Resurfacing streets throughout the ward.

Metro on 06/13/2018

Print Headline: LR airs $56M public works plan; Street, drainage jobs in 7 wards to finish off 10-year project

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