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Have that in common

I had a revelation during my duplicate bridge game.

Q: What do the peoples of North Korea and the United States have in common?

A: They both wish that their leaders would stay in Singapore permanently.


Little Rock

Unscrupulous claims

In a recent letter to the Voices page, Linda Farrell of Bentonville accused Donald Trump of being a liar, racist, homophobe, predator of women, misogynist, and a few other scurrilous charges. I believe such language used against the president is unscrupulous, unconscionable, and a despicable lie. Where were the fact-checkers?

It seems this Voices page has evolved into a Democratic propaganda outlet.



Not the way to do it

The president recently claimed that the separation of families at the southern border is the result of "bad legislation passed by the Democrats." Of course, that is not true. It is the Trump administration's decision to criminally prosecute all immigrants who cross the border unlawfully that is causing children to be separated from their parents.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has defended the policy by saying, "If people don't want to be separated from their children, they should not bring them with them." The attorney general expects mothers and fathers to leave their children behind. The message is clear: The executive branch--along with supporters in the legislative branch--does not care about families fleeing violence and poverty.

History will remember the cruelty being promoted by this administration. Tearing apart families not only inflicts lifelong damage to those directly affected--it hurts us all. It is a practice that goes against the values that make us great. It is simply not who we are as a nation. We can, and must, secure our borders--but this is not the way to do it.


De Queen

Fighting daily battles

We have met the enemy and he is us. Maybe a puff-headed liberal or a Breitbart lover. I did not see this coming--the election of Donald Trump, who was partially put in office by evangelicals. The same evangelicals who rejected Bill Clinton due to his sins and other things.

My 40-year study of presidential history is wearing out. What interests me on CNN, etc., offends others. I hate political correctness, but realize we should try to be kind to one another if possible--we are all fighting battles daily, some tougher than others.

It's hard to do when you see how Trump is acting.


North Little Rock

Repeal and replace it

Right! Discontinue Wumo and replace it with Mallard Fillmore.


Little Rock

Citizenship's serious

On Thursday, Benjamin Hemingway suggested that democracy's time is up, that the majority of citizens are unable to understand political issues. At first I took it for satire, but no, it seems it's for real. I didn't want to commiserate with this opinion. Nevertheless, I have to admit that he is right.

Still, I want to think that we can do better. Civics and history should be more effectively taught in school, and people should read more.

It is important to remember that, in the beginning, our government was designed to work aristocratically. The premise on which our government was founded was unique in the world and not many fully understood the nature of this--still don't. We have expanded our electorate since then, but are they imbued with enough philosophical understanding to properly perform their elective function?

Ordinary citizens were not then and are not now allowed to govern. However, they do elect those who do. How are we doing on that? At this time the premises of our founding are in question. It is not clear that everyone agrees in the primacy of freedom and individual sovereignty. We should all be in the same camp on that, but instead we are polarized.

Citizenship is serious stuff. We all need to look at both sides and try to bring them together. Yes, individual freedom is primary, but it is also true that "social organization is the chief means of individual survival" (Diderot). We've got to work together to make it all happen.

Argue with your opponents, but try to see what truth they possess. I guarantee you: It's there.


Little Rock

Great honor to serve

Friday I witnessed a spectacle of unrivaled kindness for someone who died alone and unclaimed by family. Members of the Patriot Guard participated in the homegoing ceremony of a Vietnam veteran who passed away some time ago. Searching for family members proved futile.

Veterans groups from AMVETS, the American Legion, numerous VFW groups, active duty, reserve and the National Guard were in attendance with a host of others from our community to lay this veteran to rest. Full military honors with a gun salute as well as a man playing bagpipes welcomed this veteran home. It was my honor to serve as one of his pallbearers.

I know our country is being inundated with negativity from a host of different directions. This day, none of those distractions mattered. A large group of citizens chose to come together to pay respect where respect was due.

We live in a nation like no other. In my opinion, one should never pass an opportunity to thank those who have provided and maintain our freedoms. I will never forget this day.



Editorial on 06/12/2018

Print Headline: Letters

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