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When Brad Leighniger got bitten by the competition BBQ bug, his infectious enthusiasm for smoked meat quickly spread. Before long, several of his friends had BBQ fever and the rest is BBQ history. "All of us have a passion for eating, cooking and creating," Tammy Roberts said. "Brad wanted to do something fun with his family. It ended up being competition BBQ. He took a standard smoker and went to his first competition. He cleaned house. Brad said let's take the Gettin' Basted competition team's name and open a BBQ restaurant."

Flash forward a couple of years and the four old friends and their new Branson BBQ restaurant, Gettin' Basted is impressing BBQ fans all around and Brad is still cleaning house on the competitive BBQ circuit.

A couple of years ago, while enjoying a couple of drinks and watching some football, the friends started discussing the idea of opening a food truck. It wasn't long until the four decided a BBQ restaurant was the way to go.

Tammy, her husband, Jason and their friend, Derrick, handle the restaurant side of the operation and Brad keeps busy winning competitions. "Our team is made up of four different people," Tammy said. "On the restaurant side we have more than 60 years of hands-on restaurant experience between the three of us. Brad has worked in restaurants, but is more into the competition side than the restaurant."

'A different spin'

It wasn't long until Brad decided to invest in some new equipment. A new smoker was the obvious choice. "One of the guys approached Brad about buying a Gateway Smoker Drum, which is the same we use in the restaurant now," she said. "We actually prepare the meat just like he does in competition. We use a Gateway Smoker Drum to cook everything. We use the same Wagyu beef he uses in competition. We really wanted to keep everything as true to competitions we could. There are some slight differences in the way we do it at the restaurant but, over all, it's just like it's done on the circuit. There's not really anyone else doing it style. I think it sets us apart from other BBQ establishments."

For Tammy, it's not just about the BBQ. Gettin' Basted's signature side dishes are important, too. "My favorite side is the cream corn brûlée," she said. "It's different and that's why it is my favorite. My other favorite side is the potato salad. It's just like grandma makes and award winning."

Word of Gettin' Basted has spread. "We were voted Buzz Feed's Missouri Restaurant to try for 2018," she said. "Our BBQ is not going to be like any other you will ever have. Most BBQ is cooked low and slow. We cook ours hot and fast. That really changes the flavor of the meat. It's something people need to give a try. It's a different spin on BBQ."

Good to know

Gettin' Basted

2845 West Highway 76

Branson, MO (In front of Baldknobber's Motor Inn)

417-320-6357 Open seven days a week 11AM -- 9 PM

Go to to view the menu, or search "Gettin' Basted" on Facebook to learn more.

NAN Dining Guide Spotlight on 06/03/2018

Print Headline: BBQ Fever Sweeping Branson

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