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An uneasy slumber continues in 2018

No. 45 is the nightmare from which the world cannot awake.

Tom Clark


Never too late to offer a note of thankfulness

At the suggestion of my good friend, Steve Meldrum of Fayetteville, I am writing to publicly thank Tyson and Pinnacle Foods for their recent expansions in Fayetteville and the corresponding impact these expansions have had on Fayetteville's property tax base.

William Mertins


Behavior at hearing influences one vote

Deja vu.

Sen. Joe McCarthy (R), 1954. Representative Bob Goodlatte (R), 2018. History repeating itself. Same hostile and disrespectful attitude. Same arrogant and rude behavior.

If the objective of the Judiciary Committee hearing on the 12th of this month was to influence how I vote in November, it worked. There is no way I can vote for any member of a party who either behaves in this manner, or who fails to stand up against those who do.

William A. Moeller


Law-breaking parents deserve the blame

It seems to me the No. 1 concern of many regarding the separation of families at the border is how mean and inhumane this is for the children. Well, I totally agree; it is unthinkable. But why aren't their parents being charged with child cruelty? These parents know when they come into our country they are breaking the law and putting their kids in jeopardy, but they still try and break in. How is this not child abuse, putting their kids' safety and emotional health at risk? How can anyone really blame our government when, clearly, it is the parents' fault?

I realize they think coming here will give them a better life. But they still break the law, no differently than the man or woman who robs a bank. They believe more money will give the kids a better life? Should we turn our heads and let a bank robber alone because they're just doing it for their kids? Of course not! In either case the kids are uprooted and taken from their parent or parents. Hey, people, get real! You break the law, you must pay the penalty.

If you break the law by coming to the country illegally and try to bring your kids as well, you will be busted for breaking the law and putting your kids at risk. The kids aren't arrested; you are.

Nita McKelvey

Bella Vista

Editorial on 07/21/2018

Print Headline: Letters to the editor

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