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Newspaper is great; not so for some writers

I believe the Democrat-Gazette is one of the best newspapers in America, however — here comes the but — I do not always appreciate some of the opinion writers. The June 30 paper included Paul Krugman, a man who won the Nobel prize in economics (and President Obama won the Nobel Peace prize for doing nothing; not a very good recommendation for Krugman’s honor). Krugman says “the administration has no idea what its’s doing,” and then declares the administration is infested with “conspiracy theorists.”

Just two comments. First, this president (Donald Trump) has done incredible things, such as people going back to work (which the leftist Krugman does not seem to know about) and minorities having the best opportunities for jobs in our history (that is to say, the lowest unemployment rate in history). Then he said there was an infestation of conspiracy theorists. Mr. Krugman must be in a cave with LeBron James somewhere and has not heard about the problems at the Department of Justice and FBI. Feel free, Mr. Krugman, to always be wrong,

The other opinion piece was that of Doug Thompson, “A deal with the devil.” He certainly had an unusual number of Bible quotes. Mr. Thompson said, “Today, his (Christ’s) followers happily crown a Caesar and bargain with him so their bakers can choose which wedding cake to make.”

Mr. Thompson is willing to show contempt for those he doesn’t know who are followers of Jesus Christ.

I will now get off Mr. Thompson’s case and give a couple of Bible quotes that apply to everyone. Paul wrote to the Romans and told them in Romans 3:23, “…all are sinners and fall short of the glory of God.” I want to emphasize the word “all.” I believe that includes me and Mr. Thompson. Then we find this in Matthews 7:1, “Judge not, that you be not judged.”

I presume, that as a wordsmith he is aware that he not only passed judgment on every believer but also the president. I wonder: Has he ever considered that the Obama administration housed children also? They were not in internment camps then nor are they now.

Please be correct. These places where the children are housed are for their safety because their parents broke the law.

Was there anyone else that Mr. Thompson could impugn? We have no need to ask his party affiliation. I am sorry I could not give Mr. Thompson more space!



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