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Put down the phone

and pay attention

Ruud Duval's letter of June 29's Democrat-Gazette reminds me of the difficulty Jesus had in getting his message across 2,000 years ago. It was Henotheism that was popular in that day and rampant in the world today: a belief in a one God without denying worship of the other gods (money, prestige, big houses, three cars in the driveway, etc.).

Remember back in the Obama days when big money folks like Soros funded millions into organizations that sent recruiters to Mexico, Central and South America with leaflets telling the story of America's border crossing rules? It was a way to get into the United States legally. Send your child to the border and it would have to be admitted sanctuary in the United States. Thousands were recruited, put on buses, trains and planes working their way to our border with Mexico. They were admitted at the gates and received shelter, food, clothing and schedules to fit their ages, yes, in an air conditioned building.

Now for scene No. 2. The parents raise a cry, taken up by the leftist USA haters and amplified, screaming that the USA had taken their children away from them illegally, which is a lie. This is where we are today. The agencies that enticed them to send their children alone are now the howling voice to "put families back together."

Let's see what that entails. There is a mama and a papa, and four brothers and sisters, plus the "incarcerated" child, making a seven-member family wanting entry instead of one. There were over 60,000 children admitted in 2017 and now the USA is shouted down to take their families. If that is the case we are not talking about admitted 60,000. The number is now 2 million people wanting to flaunt the laws of our country, aided and abetted by the leftist screamers.

Folks, put down that devilish, brain-sucking phone and read the news daily and you will not be conned by the 'left' any more.

Wm. Page Hill


Did editors forget

to mention someone?

In a recent editorial, you identified the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal editorial boards as "never Trumpers." Was not mentioning your own editorial board just an oversight or by design? Just curious.

Darrell Fortune

Fort Smith

Easy fix apparent

for immigration issues

Why not do something to help the immigration problems? Instead of protesting, if each person protesting would take in one or two immigrant families it would eliminate the problems. Thanks for your willingness to do that.

William K. Maas


Rogers FD praised

for efficient respond

I want to thank the Rogers, Ark., Fire Department for their quick and efficient response to my expressed concern of an unknown odor in my home. Even though it was the Fourth of July holiday, within minutes of my call, the Fire Department responded, found the source of the odor, and corrected the problem. Having been a volunteer member of a much smaller fire department, I readily appreciated their response with professional courtesy. The afternoon was extremely hot and the extreme heat had forced a small hose to come loose from the fuel tank on my golf cart in my attached garage and the odor of gasoline had filled my home. With one step inside my door, the supervisor said it was gasoline and he promptly found the source. After removing the golf cart from my garage, one fireman reattached the hose to the gas tank and without further ado, they all left to return to their station. Although there was no fire, this was an example of how expert training can result in fast response to an emergency. Thank you, Rogers Fire Department.

Allen Kimball


Commentary on 07/16/2018

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