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• Matthew Disbro, 44, of Mesa, Ariz., was wearing his security guard uniform when he tried to pull over an unmarked car containing two Arizona state troopers as they patrolled a Phoenix freeway, resulting in his arrest for impersonating an officer.

• Phygelle Brudent, 44, and Lashron Williams, 52, who both worked at a nursing home in Boynton Beach, Fla., were charged with elder abuse and false imprisonment for using duct tape to restrain a patient who has dementia, police said.

• Damari Mahone, 20, of Pontiac, Mich., faces involuntary manslaughter, drug and weapons counts after his 14-year-old cousin was fatally shot in the chest by a handgun that police said Mahone had stashed under a mattress.

• Blake Spataro, 19, called it his "worst vacation ever" when a riptide at a beach in St. Simons Island, Ga., swept him out to sea, where he spent nearly 10 hours in the Atlantic Ocean floating on his back and "talking to God the entire night" until he made it back to shore 3 miles away.

• David Holland, an expert in atmospheric and ocean science at New York University, described a 4-mile-wide iceberg that broke off from a glacier on June 22 and was captured on video by his wife, Denise, as "a very complex, chaotic, noisy event" that was the biggest seen in Greenland in more than a decade.

• Joseph Czeck, 33, of Hastings, Minn., was arrested on vehicular-homicide and other counts two days after an 800-pound boulder rolled off the back of his landscaping truck, killing two women when it smashed into their car, police said.

• Eric Lombari, 30, who was out on bond and hid in a supermarket ceiling crawl space when he thought police responding to a bank robbery in Dover, N.H., were after him, was arrested on a criminal-mischief charge after he partially fell through the ceiling twice.

• Leonard Richard, 75, a Minnesota inmate serving a life sentence for two murders, can run for a U.S. Senate seat after election officials determined that while state law bars inmates from running for state-level offices, they can seek federal office.

• Courtney Brown, a police officer in Roswell, Ga., was placed on administrative leave after she and another officer were caught on body-camera video using a mobile phone coin-flip app to decide whether to arrest a woman during a traffic stop, Police Chief Rusty Grant said.

A Section on 07/14/2018

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