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Liberal left show they

are intolerant ones

The left shows their true colors again. This time the hatred and bigotry is poured out upon Sarah Sanders.

For those who may not know, she is the president's press secretary. Ms. Sanders was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant due to her affiliation with President Trump. Restaurant staffers felt it went against their beliefs and convictions to serve Ms. Sanders. They asked her to leave. All accounts indicate she politely got up and left. Many on the left have applauded the restaurant for standing up for their convictions.

But wait a minute. Something is wrong with this picture. A baker in Colorado refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. The baker felt that making such a cake was against his religious convictions. Those on the left thought this was an atrocity at the highest level. The Colorado baker was not entitled to his convictions because they went against those of the left and he was labeled a "hater" and "bigot" for his beliefs. In comes the legal arm of the left, the ACLU. A discrimination suit is filed. The case goes all the way to the Supreme Court, where thankfully, the baker was not deemed to be at fault.

I have always said those on the left encourage and welcome free speech with one caveat. That being, the speech and actions must be in line with their left-leaning political bent. I'm guessing Sarah Sanders will not sue the restaurant. I'm pretty sure the ACLU will not come riding in with both barrels blazing. Oh, that's right they're not too crazy about the Second Amendment, either.

This country is truly at a crossroads. We stand the risk of the liberals and their misguided ideas of acceptance for any and all deviant behavior, their total disregard for social norms, and their lack of belief in any higher power than themselves, to "win the day" and head this country in the wrong direction.

Change happens at the ballot box. Think carefully before you place your "x."

Bill Wyer

Bella Vista

It's time for the state

to support the ERA

Regarding the the June 24 Patt Morrison article in Perspective: Come on, Arkansas! Be the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

This would be a great honor -- making women explicitly equal under the Constitution.

Thirty-seven states have done so and we need one more state's vote.

JoAnn Hall


Incident provides proof

of 'good people' in region

There are good people in Northwest Arkansas.

On Sunday, June 17, a lady visiting from Arizon unknowingly lost her phone. A good Samaritan, Rick, found it in the hot parking lot at the Arkansas Dpartment of Veterans Affairs Nursing Home and called a number in the phone of a relative to report the find and then waited for 15 minutes for the owner to return.

Both he and the lady had been visinting veterans for Father's Day. Rick had driven from Houson with his wife, who is a cancer survivor, as is the owner of the telephone.

Heartfelt thanks for the honesty and patience of Rick for making her visit so much easier. It is good to know there are still such generous people.

F.M. Gentry


Commentary on 07/04/2018

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