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‘Dreamers’ deserve backing of senators

I was pleased to hear the Senate was able to reach a compromise that would reopen the government, and ensure CHIP funding for the next six years. Health care for this vulnerable population should never have been in doubt, but nonetheless I am pleased that it is ensured for so long.

I was very upset, though, to hear that no deal has yet been reached that will provide full protection to Dreamers. I hope that when this comes up again in February, we will have the will and the wisdom to outline a clear and attainable path to citizenship for children who were brought into the country illegally. I know that Arkansas’ U.S. Sens. Cotton and Boozman have opposed the DREAM Act in the past, but I hope that they will reconsider.

These children grew up here. They speak our language and have been educated in our schools. They live in our neighborhoods and root for our teams and follow our laws. They pledge allegiance to our flag, pay into our treasury and they dream of being able to contribute to our society as fully legal members of our community.

They are ours and I absolutely reject every effort to paint them as aliens. These Dreamers are Arkansans, and they are entitled to our senators’ advocacy. They are my neighbors, and I will not be satisfied until they are given a chance at the full protection of United States citizenship.



Don’t let profit pursuits

dictate recycling policy

Garbage haulers’ profits depend on our continual waste generation, not our waste reduction. When we make garbage, they make money. Same way with the city of Fayetteville. The garbage department is an enterprise fund: We make garbage, it makes money. Where’s the financial incentive for recycling?

Clean, sorted recycling is easier to sell than contaminated. If you think Fort Smith is the only community trashing their recycling, you are naive. How to make programs more transparent?

Arkansas is the only state that even has an accountability/transparency resolution. HR 1043 ( is a good start for crafting a city ordinance.

Require recycling and garbage to be separate line items on your garbage bill. That will make it easier to prosecute the scoundrels who collect but trash your recycling. Recycling can be trashed by the collection method if it causes items to be contaminated.

If you had a computer to sell, you would not allow a garbage hauler to toss in the back of a truck willy nilly. Why are you allowing your valuable recycling to be handled like garbage? Recycle trucks must have separate compartments for each type of recyclable collected curbside.



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