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story.lead_photo.caption New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his sons had an interesting day Sunday at the Pro Bowl in Orlando, Fla.

Drew Brees' kids must have been reading social media about Sunday's NFC-AFC Pro Bowl being soft and boring, because when the cameras turned to them, they decided to make things really interesting.

Brees said before the game that he constantly tells his three rambunctious young sons to keep their hands to themselves. During a sideline interview Sunday, it was easy to see why.

The younger two of his three sons partook in some roughhousing on the sideline as oldest brother Baylen, 9, talked about being a ball boy for Coach Sean Payton's Pro Bowl staff.

Thingst got so intense that ESPN tried to go picture-in-picture and get them out of the frame, but they would not be denied, at one point spilling onto the field. Finally, when everything started to get back under control, youngest son, Callen, was still goofing around.

"He's about to get in big trouble for getting on the field," Brees said the 5-year old near the end of the interview.

Callen then back into the frame and pretended to throw up on the field -- which prompted a stern talking to from his dad.

If nothing else, the televised moment offered a slice of life for a family with three young boys who evidently like to play a little rough with each other.

After the game, Brees posted an Instagram photo with his three boys and a captain that read, "Glad we were able to get one good picture on the sideline before they started killing each other."

Rookie lesson

Kansas City Chiefs rookie running back Kareem Hunt made the Pro Bowl in his first professional season.

He also learned the hard way that the veterans are always on the prowl, with the admission after the game from Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller that he charged his room service to the Chiefs' rookie in the week leading up to the game.

Hunt will have his next chance at revenge next season when his Chiefs play the Broncos and Miller twice during the year when he'll no longer be a rookie.

We go live ...

As live broadcasts continue to matter more and more to professional sports leagues and franchises, broadcasters are being allowed to try new things. Recently, many have been pushing the limits of the in-game interview.

In competitive games, there are boundaries. But in ones where the result doesn't matter? That's when things like interviews with baseball outfielders in between pitches start to happen.

On Saturday, an interview with a football player happened while he was supposed to be on the field.

NFL Network sideline reporter Alex Flanagan was live with linebacker Shaquem Griffin during the fourth quarter of the Senior Bowl, a showcase game for NFL Draft prospects. Griffin is the one-handed UCF standout who could have a legitimate NFL future. Flanagan asked him about how not having a left hand affects his technique.

Griffin was about 10 seconds into his answer when his teammates and coaches interrupted him.

"Oh, lord!" Griffin exclaimed, before running to grab his helmet.

He was supposed to be on punt team duty.


How many Pro Bowl teams has New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees been on?



He was supposed to be on punt team duty.

Sports on 01/29/2018

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