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Pulaski County real estate transaction of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Dec. 25-Dec. 29:

Marfran LLC to 2318 Palm LLC, Ls9-12 B9, Country Club Heights, $3,500,000.

Glenda C. Pehrson Family Limited Partnership to Layman Lane LLC, Tracts 6-7, 10-11, 15-18 & 24, Iris, $2,200,000.

Eckerd & Shea Commercial LLC to Green, Bunn, Herrington LLC, 4851 Northshore Lane, North Little Rock. L9 B5, Northshore Business Park, $1,575,000.

Deltic Timber Corp to Silver Development LLC, Ls1-2, 14, 18-19 & 29-30 B98, Chenal Valley- Varennes Court, $1,422,000.

Bo Ventures LLP to Diane Wilder and Porter Briggs, Lot B, Pfeifer Replat- River Oaks; Lot A-R, River Oaks, $945,000.

Christopher L. and Robin R. Ray to Blake and Allyson Hendrix, 14 Choctaw Cove, Maumelle. L20, Osage Falls, $540,000.

Waterview Estates LLC to Newview Investment Properties LLC, Ls21-22 B1, Waterview Estates, $530,000.

Eric A. and Leslie P. Britton to Stacie Wickliffe, 5211 Stonewall Road, Little Rock. L3 B25, Newton- Pulaski Heights, $500,000.

ATG Properties LLC to Nova Scotia Properties LLC, 5918 Lee Ave., Little Rock. Ls1-7 B26, Lincoln Park- Pulaski Heights, $465,000.

Carl and Martha Carlson to Audie R. Aderholt, 3 Cherry Creek Cove, Little Rock. L51, Longlea VIII-A, $454,000.

Brandon Huffman and The Brandon Huffman Revocable Trust to Timothy Scott Proctor and The Timothy Scott Proctor Revocable Trust, L22 B92, Chenal Valley, $450,000.

Ray O. Lusk and The Ray O. Lusk Revocable Trust to Junious C. Babbs Jr. and Floretta Babbs, 26 Vigne Blvd., Little Rock. L70 B83, Chenal Valley, $439,000.

The Mill LLC to North Little Rock Arkansas Downtown Development Board, L1R, Mountaire, $432,736.

Deltic Timber Corp to Donald O. and Lucinda L Phelps, L23 B98, Chenal Valley- Varennes Court, $431,000.

Ferguson Group Inc. to Brian F. and Linda M. Fellone, 201 Maumelle Valley Dirve, Maumelle. L77, Osage Hills Phase 5-8, $430,000.

Mary K. Smith to Finos B. Johnson and Elizabeth Shores, 33 Club Manor Drive, Maumelle. L17 B1, Maumelle Club Manor, $399,000.

Ryan and Jennifer Elledge to Christopher and Kelly Bulloch, 11325 Rocky Valley Drive, Little Rock. L12 B23, Pleasant Valley, $390,000.

Graham Smith Construction LLC to Taylor and Rebecca Hale, 112 Summershade Loop, Little Rock. L4 B5, Wildwood Ridge Phase III, $385,000.

Barry W. and Kristin A. Ward to Patrick H. and Elizabeth E. Couch, 34 Robinwood Drive, Little Rock. L100, Robinwood, $379,900.

Giovanni Insuasti-Beltran and Alejandra Mena-Gutierrez to Amanda Young, 4 Woodfern Drive, Little Rock. L25R B22, Woodlands Edge, $372,000.

John H. Johnson to Judy K. and Michael L. Roberts, NE 27-2N-13W, $339,900.

Randy Wiggins Company Inc. to Charisse Y. and Luther Green Jr., 10 Edenwood Lane, North Little Rock. L23 B20, Indian Hills, $334,000.

Scott R. Mendat and Sarah E. Day and The Mendat & Day Revocable Trust to Matthew and Kelly Johnson, 14007 Windsor Road, Little Rock. L46, Burnttree Phase II, $333,000.

Marva Y. Caldwell to Betty Sass and The Betty Sass Trust, L4 B3, Gap Creek, $324,900.

Frances T. Chism and The Frances T. Chism Revocable Trust to Amanda D. Winkley-Bland and Wesley A. Bland, 1120 Club Road, Sherwood. L6 B11, Country Club Park, $296,000.

Anjolina Bates to Christopher E. Green, 12402 Eagle Pointe Lane, Little Rock. L14, Eagle Pointe, $291,000.

Nena Patterson to Lynda S. Taylor, L20 B1, Altheimer, $275,000.

Dianne J. Bachari and Ali Bachari(dec'd) to Tetiana A. Fayman, 4212 Carter Lane, Little Rock. L17R, Carter Oaks, $270,000.

Ives Custom Homes LLC to Steven Beggs and The Allan Pieroni, 18825 Lochridge Drive, Little Rock. L12, Lochridge Estates, $254,780.

Bruce R. and Deborah L. Shirey to James and Meredith Castleberry, L147 B48, Chenal Valley, $243,000.

Wayne Moore Construction Company to Jack O. and Melissa P. Evans, 244 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle. L32C, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $237,987.

Common Ground Properties LLC to Clarence D. and Robin Stripling and The Dan & Robin Stripling Joint Revocable Trust, 610 E. 16th St., Little Rock. L10 B7, Braggs, $232,500.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Rhett C. Gore and Amy M. Schneider, 14201 Saint Michael Drive, Little Rock. L610, St. Charles, $230,000.

William L. Totten Jr. to Ricardo S. Romo and Juan Zarate, L4-A Tract B, Enmar, $225,000.

Ralph E. and Laura A. Bunch to Leslie K. Sink, 105 Goshen Ave., North Little Rock. L3 B6, Park Hill NLR, $224,000.

Dennis N. and Diane E. Smith to Nathan and Stacy Hamilton, 43 Desoto Circle, North Little Rock. L5 B58, Lakewood, $215,000.

Cope Homes Inc. to Jennifer Pryor, 1223 Windsor Court, Jacksonville. L5, Jamestown Phase 2, $213,000.

Deven Cox to Benny J. Briggs, 218 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle. L37 B22, Maumelle Valley Estates, $209,900.

Sheila K. Rupley and The Rupley Family Revocable Trust to Sarah and Zachary Lehr, 223 S. Martin St., Little Rock. L10 B1, C. H. Taylor, $205,000.

Pendleton Properties LLC to Aaron J. and Amy J. Dieringer, 7520 Gable Drive, Little Rock. Ls16-17 B2, Sunset Heights, $205,000.

Garry R. and Glenda L. Rowe to Nathan M. Tucker, 143 Miramar Drive, Maumelle. L108, Country Club Of Arkansas, $195,000.

Wincie C. Daniel and The Wincie C. Daniel & Peggy J. Daniel Joint Revocable Trust to Jarrett S. and Heather Newman, 3409 Cornwallis Drive, North Little Rock. L4 B66, Lakewood, $194,900.

Atif and Tania Akhtar to Michael L. Selby, 76 Hallen Court, Little Rock. L19 B96, Chenal Valley, $192,000.

Rebecca L. Tolson to Jimmy S. and Mary C. Lawrence, 1023 Skyline Drive, North Little Rock. L9 B127, Park Hill NLR, $190,000.

William F. Dunaway to MSC2017, LLC, 3901 Cedar Hill Road, Little Rock. L23, Townhouses In The Park HPR, $184,000.

David E. and Saralou R. Gifford to Jan L. Gibson and The Liesl D. Henderson Revocable Trust, 514 Midland, Little Rock. L2 B2, Auten And Moss, $180,000.

Sesten A. and Andrea D. Surratt to Harmonlene Curtis, 128 Bentley Circle, Little Rock. L138, Bentley Court Phase III, $170,000.

Kazuko Mitchell to Marilyn S. Merriman, 1211 Coulter Road, Sherwood. L12 B332, Park Hill NLR, $169,900.

Michele and Nathan Tackett to Amond and Brandi Baker, 2 Woodlore Court, Little Rock. L27, Aspen Highlands, $168,000.

SWLR Properties LLC to Chicot Tire Shop LLC, 7701 Baseline Road, Little Rock. NE NW 1-1S-13W, $165,000.

Duclair Rentals LLC to Nena Patterson, L70, Markham Manor, $165,000.

Wallace A. Wilson to Kaleb M. and Hannah R. Jones, 1012 Country Club Road, Sherwood. L7 B324, Park Hill NLR, $160,000.

Natalie A. Benavides to Patrick R. and Kentriss D. Walker, 3406 Dorset Drive, Little Rock. L172, Kensington Place, $159,000.

Amanda Winkley-Bland and Wesley Bland to Kayla Freeman, 1709 War Eagle Drive, North Little Rock. L30 B34, Indian Hills, $157,000.

Elizabeth C. Hess and The Nina Warren Cash Revocable Trust to Jeremy B. Fraley, 7420 Toltec Drive, North Little Rock. L6 B63, Indian Hills, $155,000.

Eleanor A. Harris and The Estate Of Henry C. Heard to John and Dee Petersen, 18 Kingspark Court, Little Rock. L314, Colony West 3rd, $155,000.

James T. Long to Leah S. and Michele Bynum, 58 Single Oaks Drive, Sherwood. L46, Peaceful Valley, $150,000.

Panfilo E. Flores and Sallie J. Estrada to Aubrey and William T. Shinn, 5607 Mandan Road, Little Rock. Ls1-2 B1, Suburbanette Estates, $150,000.

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