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Witness says spat got hot, man shot

Authorities are investigating a shooting inside a Little Rock apartment on Tuesday night.

Jeffery Williams, 50, who was hit in the leg, suffered an injury described in a Little Rock Police Department report as "major."

Authorities said it happened shortly before 11 p.m. in a unit at an apartment complex in the 5000 block of West 65th Street.

Police wrote in the report that Williams was "very irate" at the scene and "did not [go] into detail about what happened," but that a woman staying in the residence provided more information.

That woman described Williams as her mother's friend and said he at one point Tuesday night was "instigating an altercation" with the woman and her boyfriend when he "made a threat to 'clear the apartment out,'" police wrote in the report.

Williams left but later returned, police wrote. The woman said she then heard a gunshot. Police said she told investigators her boyfriend fled from the residence through a window in a bedroom where a spent shell casing was found by authorities.

Williams was taken to a hospital.

Police searched the area for the boyfriend, who is listed as a suspect in the report, but they did not find him.

Took bullet outside LR store, man says

A Little Rock man was shot Monday afternoon after refusing to buy a cigar, he told police.

Officers met Michael Scott, 40, shortly after 3 p.m. at UAMS Medical Center, according to a Little Rock Police Department report.

Scott said he was at a liquor store at 1501 Wright Ave. when someone approached him and asked him to buy a Swisher Sweet cigar. The 40-year-old declined and left the store, he told police, and then was "jumped" by multiple people.

The victim said he made his way to his friend's car and heard gunfire as he got in before realizing he had been shot.

Police were investigating the case.

Gunfire in street hits vehicles in LR

Multiple vehicles were hit in a shooting in Little Rock on Tuesday evening, police said.

Officers were called shortly before 6 p.m. to the area of Sheraton Drive and Lamont Drive, according to a report from the city's Police Department.

There, a 33-year-old man told authorities he saw a man dressed in all black approach the driver's-side door of a white or silver car stopped at the intersection, then start shooting at the vehicle.

The vehicle sped away and the gunman ran east on Lamont Drive, the Little Rock resident said.

Another witness, a 61-year-old man, told police he heard several shots that may have come from two different guns.

Police also spoke to a 55-year-old man living at a Sheraton Drive address whose 2007 Chevrolet Silverado had one bullet hole on the rear passenger side.

No injuries were reported and police had named no suspects.

Video shows robber using eatery's keys

Two thieves who took more than $500 from a Little Rock fast-food restaurant's safe used a key to enter the building, authorities said.

Officers were called shortly after 2 p.m. Tuesday to the Church's Chicken at 1401 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, where a 51-year-old employee told them the eatery was broken into overnight. The eatery is near Arkansas Children's Hospital.

According to a report from the city's Police Department, surveillance video show the burglars using a key to enter the restaurant's back door. The worker told authorities that one of the burglars "knew where the safe key was hidden" and used it to open the safe.

The report listed $568.75 as taken. No suspects were named and no arrests had been made at the time of the police report.


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Print Headline: Witness says spat got hot, man shot Took bullet outside LR store, man says Video shows robber using eatery's keys

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