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ANOTHER day, another artful way of trying to expand gambling in Arkansas.

This time it’s not “all for the kids.” Those who’d change the state constitution to allow casinos to blister the map, like open sores, have found new bait: Arkansas’ roads.

The proposal this time is to allow casinos and casino gambling, and all that comes with such endeavors, and use (part of) the money to pave roads in Arkansas. Last week some private outfit with its share of lawyers asked the state’s attorney general to certify their plans. And put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to allow three casinos in Arkansas. One of which, it should be noted, would have to be in Jefferson County.

Just what Jefferson County needs. As if it didn’t have enough folks down on their luck. Now they could not only spend the rent on lottery tickets, but a full-blown casino! Think money dries up fast buying and re-buying scratch-off tickets? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait till that roulette wheel starts spinning.

All those who’d have ownership in the house are singing the praises of the proposal. And they would. Wouldn’t you if you could guarantee a substantial money flow from the pockets of other people? But the opposition, may its tribe increase, isn’t fooled. Take, for best example, Jerry Cox of the Family Council:

“This won’t be free money. If this measure passes, Arkansans will be driving on roads paved with money that some poor person lost at the casino. It will be better for our economy if that money stays in their pockets and it is used to buy food or pay bills.”

Our considered editorial opinion: If this thing is certified, and the people behind it ask for your signature to get it on the ballot, just say no.

Or, better yet . . . no way.

Print Headline: Just say no

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