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Contest over 'buttons'

a loser for challengers

It was recess time for the kindergartners and Kimie and Donnie were comparing the size of their navels. "Mine is bigger than yours," boasted a pudgy Kimie. "No way," challenged an equally plump Donnie.

"My belly button is bigger than the whole wide world," continued Donnie.

"Oh yeah, well if I take a deep breath of air and push my belly out, my belly button will be bigger than yours," responded Kimie.

"Okay," offered Donnie, "let's both take a breath of air at the same time and see who has the biggest belly button."

In an effort to best the other, the two little boys each took the deepest of breaths, burst their lungs, and expired from their exertion. Ergo, they both lost and neither won.

Moral: Little boys should not play with their buttons.

Jack Fuller


Why would Norwegians want to move to U.S.?

So, President Trump wants immigrants from Norway. It is reasonable to ask why would a Norwegian want to immigrate to the United States? After all, the murder rate in the United States is six times the murder rate in Norway, which is one of the lowest in the world; the United States has 88 guns per 100 people while Norway's rate is 32 per 100 people.

Norway has universal health care while the United States drags its feet because we have not done it that way before.

Norwegians are not embarrassed by their leader's rhetoric about women, immigrants from other countries and bragging about how big his nuclear button is.

In the United States we are ignoring climate change and what has contributed to it, while Norway takes seriously climate change and the causes of it.

Students are not saddled with thousand of dollars of indebtedness upon graduation because college tuition at public universities in Norway is free.

Maybe the President is prejudiced against anyone who does not look just like him.

Charles E. Walling


Nation now knows what Wallace presidency like

Congratulations, America! You finally elected George Wallace to be our president!

Arkansas, your support would make Orval Faubus proud!

Tom Cotton must be ecstatic!

Jan Shackelford


Commentary on 01/13/2018

Print Headline: Letters to the Editor

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