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ROGERS -- The City Council approved on Tuesday renewing a contract to foster growth downtown and a fee increase for garbage services.

Promotional services from Main Street Rogers will continue this year under a $100,000 contract. The amount was negotiated through the budgeting process, city officials said.

Other action

Rogers’ City Council met Tuesday and approved:

• Temporary provision of water service to a Carroll Electric Line Services Center outside the city water service area.

• A $35,000 contract with NWA Entertainment for the city’s July Fourth fireworks.

• An design services agreement with Crafton Tull for the Garrett Road project with Rogers Public Schools. The road improvements near the planned elementary school will be made by the city to negotiate lower construction costs. Rogers Public Schools plans to pay a fee in lieu of road improvement.

• A total of $720,000 was moved from general fund reserve to the Rogers Historical Museum expansion costs.

• Accepting a final plat of the District development, phase two, which began in 2008. No concerns were raised by the Planning Commission nor City Council.

Source: Staff report

Shey Bland, executive director, said the organization plans to reboot the Frisco Festival, develop more Halloween events aside from the Goblin Parade, as well as several other noncontract items, such as the summer movies shown at the Downtown Rogers Farmers Market, a shrimp and crawfish boil and other events making use of the farmers market and downtown.

Mayor Greg Hines said Main Street Rogers provides roughly one event each weekend and that listing all of them specifically in the contract would create unreasonable expectations that don't account for low turnout, cancellations and delays because of weather and other circumstances.

"There are certain deliverables we need to show we're getting and that are reasonable to contract for," Hines said. "There's a general expectation that there will be breakout events that don't engage hundreds or thousands, but it opens up a community outlet based on those trends."

Bland said the organization plans to continue a couple of the city's annual events for the sake of consistency, but wants to add other events fostering inclusivity and prioritize historic preservation.

Alderman Betsy Reithemeyer noted the contract amount is a fairly significant increase from last year. She showed support for the organization but asked to be sent a more detailed explanation of how the money will be used.

Bland said Main Street Rogers will be heading a lot more of the Downtown Rogers Farmers Market activity, and that's a primary component of the contract fee change.

Hines noted the investment would be worth it, since pilot programs at the farmers market drove market conditions greatly in the past year and set it apart from other cities in the region, he said.

The council also approved small fee increases for curbside garbage removal in its contract with Inland Waste Solutions. The monthly difference is 70 cents, for garbage and recycling, for those with regular service. Those who pay for low-volume service will see a monthly difference of 67 cents.

Kevin Gardener of Inland Waste Solutions said the fees are comparable to those in surrounding cities.

Hines said the company could approach the city each year for a fee increase, but said it has a history of not doing so.

"These numbers fit right in the market trend, they're actually below the CPI they could ask for," he said.

NW News on 01/10/2018

Print Headline: Main Street Rogers to engage more people through farmers market

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