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False narratives flow

Once again we find our government advancing a false narrative to advance a second false narrative. "We the People" are to believe that after decades of use, the historic bridge at Clarendon has suddenly become a deterrent to flood-control management on the lower White River.

The second false narrative is that "We the People" will somehow reap the benefit of spending $11.3 million to destroy the one thing that might save another of our rural communities from destruction, when it would cost less than half that amount to keep Clarendon relevant to the Arkansas community. Destroy the bridge--destroy Clarendon.

We need Clarendon to be relevant to commerce through tourism, and preserving the bridge is the only way. This "destruction" rationale is mere pretzel logic and equal to that used to advance the recent "stimulus package." The only ones benefiting are the politically influential few who benefit from the multimillion-dollar contracts--not "We the People."



Centralize that data

The United States is one of the most technologically advanced countries on this planet, yet we apparently cannot construct a system that provides a central location for background checks, psychological reports and criminal alerts. I watched a news program the other day with law enforcement experts who claimed such a system would provide the necessary clearinghouse for those wishing to purchase weapons.

Gun laws will not be enacted by Congress any time soon, so having a system to alert us to the possibility of a tragedy that seems to be recurring at our schools needs attention now. If we can propose billions for a border wall, we certainly can act on an urgent need to construct an electronic wall that will provide information to our law enforcement agencies. Certainly, even the National Rifle Association can buy into a system like this.

The news program I spoke of mentioned that some parts of the system were already in place, but that coordination between law enforcement agencies is necessary. We have large technology companies that I am sure can provide the assistance needed to construct such a system. The military may already have a system to vet potential terrorists, and perhaps it can be adjusted to be used on a civilian basis.

Social media organizations already acquire personal data on individuals. Computers can easily watch the communications to see if certain phrases are mentioned to indicate a problem and action then be taken.

Folks, this is not difficult, so what are we waiting for?


Little Rock

Unhackable machines

Of course, there is a way to stop Russian interference in elections, and it may even be sitting around in storage. It is the same device used to break machine politics in our fair state: mechanical voting machines--big, heavy, tamper-proof, honest. Where are they and who owns the patent? Surely the nation that won World War II and the Cold War can find out.


Little Rock

Of our true allegiance

My thoughts based on the indictments handed down last Friday by Robert Mueller's office: I'm a military veteran and I now firmly believe our country, the United States of America, is under siege from an outside government. An effort that constitutes an act of war. The evidence has gradually been uncovered and presented to us by our military and intelligence agencies.

In times like these in the past, all Americans have come together to fight the common enemy. Usually, only after we have had our noses rubbed in the fact that we have a common enemy.

The U.S. military and these agencies are not that enemy. The media are not that enemy. Gun owners and gun-control advocates are not that enemy. Americans arguing between themselves about a thousand other things that constitute what our country is are not that enemy.

Vladimir Putin and the Russian military and intelligence agencies are our enemy and they are attacking all of us and our democratic way of life. They are doing this by hacking our systems, flying false flags, and contributing to certain individuals and entities who are selling America down the drain.

Here's the hard part you need to come to grips with. To the extent you aid and abet this enemy's efforts to destroy our country from the inside, by promulgating their attacks, their misdirections and falsehoods as truth, you, my fellow Americans, are also, sad to say, helping that enemy.

Make a commitment now. Decide where your real allegiance is--with your fellow Americans you disagree with on many issues, or the outside forces that see as their goal our destruction as a free country.

It's time to decide.



VA's been wonderful

It's high time to speak positively about the Veterans Administration!

In the last several years, the doctors at the VA have done a wonderful job caring for my husband. His team of doctors has provided great office care, physical therapy (when needed), and hospital care (three days). He recently broke his hip and had surgery. The VA will be providing and installing equipment for him when he is able to come home. Should he need more home health care over what Medicare provides, they will provide that.

The VA has recently had some bad press. It is not perfect. But may I please insist that the VA is there, and will continue to provide the best care that it can for our deserving veterans. Kudos to our vets, and kudos to the VA.


Little Rock

Thinking for himself

I retired and moved to Arkansas last month. Imagine my elation when I discovered I have landed in the district of the only member of the all-GOP Arkansas congressional delegation to vote against a budget bill that adds billions to a deficit that will pass $1 trillion next year.

Rep. Bruce Westerman, I salute you. A politician who votes in accordance with his campaign rhetoric just might represent an exotic new species. Every state should have one.


Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 02/22/2018

Print Headline: Letters

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