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DEAR READERS: You might pick a seat in the emergency exit row on the airplane because it has more legroom. That's understandable, but be aware that if you sit in the emergency exit row, you have to be prepared to help the crew, if necessary.

Here are some of the requirements that airlines have, which are in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration:

• Be able to read and understand printed instructions.

• Be willing and able to follow commands from the crew.

• Be able to communicate to other passengers.

• You must have excellent eyesight and hearing.

• You can't have pets or young children with you in the row.

• The use of a seatbelt extender in the emergency row is not allowed.

This is a partial list -- contact your airline before you board for a complete list of requirements. Safety is always priority one!

DEAR HELOISE: Senior citizens typically downsize and move into smaller homes. We bargain-shop and use coupons. But it seems sales and coupons today apply only to quantity buying!

Where do we seniors store eight rolls of paper towels, 48 rolls of toilet paper or two large bottles of detergent?

-- A Frustrated Shopper, Somerset, Pa.

DEAR READER: Stocking up may work for young, large families, but for seniors with limited space, a little goes a long way! Coupon-issuers, are you listening?

DEAR HELOISE: I take full advantage of the concierge in hotels. Concierges know the discounts to shows, restaurants, amusement parks and even how to get services like dry cleaning, mail and spa appointments.

A concierge is a key player in the hotel staff -- use him or her, and tip if the service is extraordinary!

-- Robin S., Indiana

DEAR READER: Definitely make friends with the hotel staff, including the concierge. It's their job, and their passion, to help us have an enjoyable, fulfilling and safe stay at their property.

If you're a visitor, the hotel may be one of the few sites that represents the city you're in. I support the hotel industry -- I've been a road warrior and have been staying in hotels for over 40 years, carrying on my mother's dream of being every housewife's friend.

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Style on 02/13/2018

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