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Young DACA recipients used by ‘manipulators’

Under President Trump’s generous immigration proposal, nearly 2 million illegal residents (the DACAs) would be legalized and get a path to full citizenship. This is double the number of DACAs temporarily legalized by President Obama’s illegal order. It’s more than they ever said they wanted. Instead of being thankful, they shout “racism!” The DACAs appear to loathe, not love, America. They are in the streets intimidating, yelling, waving nasty banners demanding more. Their ungrateful actions are not those of nice people, although many DACA-amnesty backers tell us they are better that most American citizens.

The youthful, naïve DACAs are being used. Their manipulators lead them to issue insulting demands for immediate citizenship and voting privileges plus complete open borders, which guarantees that they will not get amnesty. The bad manners into which the powerful string-pullers have led the DACAs prove those handlers don’t want compassionate, reasonable resolution of the DACA’s plight. Their primary objective is to bring tsunamis of new Democrat voters from semi-civilized countries. If they can’t get that they will let the DACAs twist in limbo, and try to use their unhappiness as a potent political issue for 2018.

To those manipulators, “immigration reform” means final victory for Democrat leftism because the Democrat Party cannot make it happen without large numbers of government-handout-dependent immigrants. A high-level Democrat strategist called the Ted Kennedy-pushed 1965 immigration bill, “The greatest gift the Kennedy family ever gave the Democratic party.”

No nation has ever had a more generous immigration policy than the U S. It is absurd and outrageous to accuse us of an “ugly immigration history.”

The main sources of the Democrat’s desired mass migration barely allow immigration. For example, Mexico enforces a rational, detailed list of strict standards for legal migration. It is a jailable felony to be in Mexico illegally. Meanwhile, Mexico insists we give their migrating citizens special status at our expense. The U S and the European Union are the only places where the elites are so stupid as to consider mass underdeveloped-country immigration to be virtuous and in national interests.

We have not successfully absorbed 11 million illegal immigrants. If we had there wouldn’t be MS 13 and other Hispanic drug gangs raping and murdering in all the lower 48 states; prisons crammed with illegal immigrant criminals; hospitals bankrupted with costs of treating illegal immigrants; exploding costs for other immigrant social services. English would be the assimilation language instead of government-required discourse in more than eighteen languages.

If you prefer the conditions of Mexico, the Middle East, Pakistan or Africa you will soon have it if the pushers of no-borders immigration have their way.



Print Headline: NWA LETTERS

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