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  1. Armstrong: "Satchmo" and first man on the moon

  2. Allen: Director of Annie Hall and first host of The Tonight Show

  3. Hepburn: Star of Roman Holiday and winner of four Best Actress Oscars

  4. Carter: 39th president and discover of King Tut's tomb

  5. Keaton: Batman and Annie Hall

  6. Ford: Automobile pioneer and male star of Gilda

  7. Wright: Architect and flight pioneer

  8. Stevenson: U.S. vice-president and author of Treasure Island

  9. Johnson: "Sexiest Man Alive" 2016 and 17th U.S. president


  1. Louis and Neil

  2. Woody and Steve

  3. Audrey and Katharine

  4. Jimmy and Howard

  5. Michael and Diane

  6. Henry and Glenn

  7. Frank Lloyd and Wilbur or Orville

  8. Adlai and Robert Louis

  9. Dwayne and Andrew

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