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It was the El Dorado News-Times that found the bloodiest story of the week. And one that makes us doubt how sapient Homo sapien really is.

They described one as a slaughterhouse. Blood splattered on the walls and carpet.

In another, they found live animals--with bite and puncture wounds.

Officials in El Dorado say they've raided three dogfight operations in derelict homes in the last few weeks. And the places look like something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Those running the dogfights have apparently moved into abandoned houses because the barks of the dogs can be better smothered behind walls. At least that's the theory.

"They used to hide the dogs and fight them out in the woods," says Charles Hartsell, the Union County animal control officer, "but when they bark, I can hear them and find them. Now they put them in these houses."

The city is taking more steps now to raze abandoned houses, and officials might dip into the city's reserves to speed things along. Dogfighting isn't the only illegal thing going on behind closed and abandoned doors. Keep an eye on the papers to see what's next.

But some of us hope the law catches up with the organizers of these dogfights. And that the courts treat them with the mercy they deserve. That is, none.

Editorial on 02/07/2018

Print Headline: Not talking jets

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