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It's the day of the big game!

And in that spirit, we have a little game of trivia that you can play with your Super Bowl guests. Preferably in the first quarter when everyone is still able to read and process information. Answers are at the end. Don't peek. Cheaters never win.

(Oh, wait. They do. Tom Brady made it to the Super Bowl yet again, even after Deflategate.)

1. In addition to being Super Bowl Sunday, today -- the first Sunday in February -- is also what official day?

A. Horses Sell Beer Day

B. Puppies Sell Beer Day

C. Babes Sell Beer Day

D. Dump Your Significant Jerk Other Day

2. Today is Super Bowl LII. What number is that?

A. 42

B. 32

C. 52

D. Dunno. I can't do math in English, let alone Roman

3. Which two teams are playing in tonight's Super Bowl?

A. The Cincinnati Bengals v. The Buffalo Bills

B. The New England Patriots v. doesn't matter; they'll surely lose

C. The Philadelphia Eagles v. The Atlanta Falcons

D. The Arizona Cardinals v. The St. Louis Cardinals

4. The Super Bowl is being held in Minneapolis. Which is not true about the city?

A. Al Franken is a U.S. senator there

B. Prince was from there

C. Its football team has never won a Super Bowl

D. It's really cold there

5. Formerly in a boy band, today's Super Bowl halftime performer was a member of which entity?

A. 98 Degrees

B. Backstreet Boys

C. New Kids on the Block

D. Nipplegate

6. The act performing "The Star-Spangled Banner" today will be "colorful." It is:

A. The Red Hot Chili Peppers

B. Pink

C. Green Day

D. Maroon 5

7. Speaking of the national anthem, whose Super Bowl rendition was the longest ever?

A. Alicia Keys

B. Whitney Houston

C. Natalie Cole

D. Jennifer Hudson

8. According to the NCC, Americans will eat 1.35 billion of what during the Super Bowl?

A. Pizzas

B. Chips

C. Chicken Wings

D. Taquitos

9. There are two former Razorbacks on the active roster of the Patriots. They are Deatrich Wise Jr. and:

A. Tyler Flowers

B. Trey Flowers

C. Tiger Flowers

D. Gennifer Flowers

10. According to Time's list of the 25 Most Influential Super Bowl Ads of All Time, No. 1 was:

A. Apple -- "1984"

B. Wendy's -- "Where's the Beef?"

C. Coke -- "Hey Kid, Catch"

D. Snickers -- "Betty White"


  1. D. Really. So plan to get an Uber home tonight.

  2. C. It's 52. Even if the letter "C" in Roman numerals is 100. Confused yet?

  3. B. It's Super Bowl regulars New England Patriots versus The Philadelphia Eagles, who haven't won a national championship since 1960, before the NFL and AFL merged and before the other Eagles were even a band.

  4. A. Al Franken was a senator. But he resigned Jan. 2 over -- in football terms -- illegal use of hands.

  5. D. Justin Timberlake, along with Janet Jackson, put the XXX in Super Bowl XXXVIII back in 2004.

  6. B. It's Pink, and we're tickled the same color.

  7. A. At 156.4 seconds, Alicia Keys performed the longest Francis Scott Key.

  8. C. 1.35 billion wings, according to the National Chicken Council. And probably as many antacid tablets.

  9. B. Trey is the only footballer on the list. Tiger was a boxer. Tyler is a baseball player. Gennifer is best known not for playing sports, but playing a role in a political scandal.

  10. A. Yep. Apple. And to that we say, "Whassup?" (our favorite Budweiser commercial ever, only came in at No. 5).

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