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Guns used in defense

make a big difference

I read the article " feeling disrupted" written by your columnist Greg Harton. "Gun law unnerves in 'island of peace.'"

All places were " islands of peace" before psychotic killers let loose with their guns. Some questions to answer: Would there have been a different outcome if someone had been carrying a concealed weapon to help defend all who were being attacked? In all of the mass shootings, has it ever been recorded that anyone applied and passed background checks? Oh yes, there was one, the man in Texas who shot at church members -- the background check system failed. Who was the first to shoot at the perpetrator of the church? A licensed gun owner. The outcome was less [damaging] because of his pro-activeness with his weapon.

There are many stories of where people have defended themselves against the bad guy. They do not get printed in national news media because of the biases against guns. Past history has proven the usefulness of guns against the tyranny of government. Does anyone remember studying our history of the War of 1812, of the British invasion or the Texas Revolution? Weapons have protected America.

Many people rushed out and purchased guns after the mass shootings under Obama's watch, for the fear of losing America's freedom of the Second Amendment. I'll say it again: Weapons have protected America. If incidents were reported of guns being used in defense in place of offense, people may feel better about guns. This is not a "touchy feely" matter; this a fact matter.

If I'm sitting in a classroom anywhere or with a group of people anywhere, I don't have to know who's is carrying a gun, I just hope the person will be pro-active in the event it's needed for self-defense. And another fact is, more shootings happen in high-density Democratic cities like St. Louis, Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit. You know, Chicago, the "no gun" city?

All children are afforded public education. It's more to do about proper education and proper upbringing in the home. Look at Ben Carson, raised by a single mother.

The government database has let us down as all people buying guns should have background checks. Criminals or psychos, of course, will not -- that is the problem. It is not a simple solution by any means and there are crazier people roaming the streets today. Just read the side bar on the front page of the newspaper!

Jacci Perry



Number of president's

false claims adding up

In Thursday's paper, Bass Trumbo posted a letter about the lying perpetrated by our president. He concluded by saying that every time our president opens his mouth, your first reaction is to wonder if he is lying.

To buttress that thought, the Jan. 15 edition of Time magazine stated that in the 347 days of Trump's presidency, he made 1,950 false or misleading claims.

Mr. Trumbo was spot on. Just start checking Politifact or Factcheck to ascertain the veracity of our president.

Ed Hancock


Commentary on 02/03/2018

Print Headline: NWA Letters to the Editor

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