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story.lead_photo.caption Fans cheer during the first half of the NFC Championship Game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings on Jan. 21 in Philadelphia. Philadelphia police are keeping secret what they plan to use to keep the city’s fans from climbing light poles if the Eagles win the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Philadelphia police think they've found something better than Crisco to keep Philadelphia fans from climbing light poles if the Eagles win the Super Bowl.

But they are keeping their playbook secret.

A contingent of workers who jokingly called themselves the "Crisco Cops" applied shortening to light poles before the NFC Championship Game victory over the Minnesota Vikings, but it failed to stop some fans.

Asked Tuesday whether police have found something slicker, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said, "We think so."

He promised that whatever police do, "it will be safe ... but it will be effective." He says climbing poles this Sunday "will be far more difficult" than when they used a vegetable oil product, which weather can affect.

Ross said police are working to assure the safety of fans "as well as the people who they could fall down on."

Hisham Abdel-Aal, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Drexel University, is an expert in the study of friction. In theory, Crisco should work, but other lubricants such as motor oil, machine grease and even lard would work better, he said.

With this ring ...

Neal Dahlen isn't the type to show off. The retired NFL executive would prefer to stay in the background as a trivia answer.

He's the answer to the question: Who is tied with New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick for the most Super Bowl rings with seven?

As a front office executive, his teams were 7-0 in Super Bowls. He won five with the San Francisco 49ers and two with the Denver Broncos.

He began working part time for the 49ers in 1979, and eventually took on more responsibilities. He was with that organization until 1996, when he was hired as director of player personnel for the Broncos. He was promoted to general manager in 1999, moved to director of football administration in 2002 and retired the next year.

"I attribute my good fortune to three key elements: Joe Montana, Steve Young and John Elway," he said, listing the Hall of Fame quarterbacks who led those triumphant teams.

Belichick has a chance to claim the record outright Sunday when the Patriots play the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Belichick has won a record five rings as coach of the Patriots, and two as an assistant coach with the New York Giants.

Anesthesia humor

When a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan woke up groggy from recent dental surgery, she had one big fear: "Did I miss the Super Bowl?"

Haley Parks' father posted a video on Facebook this week showing her coming out of anesthesia after having her wisdom teeth removed.

When her mom let her know the game was Sunday, Parks asked if she could go. She said the team is "like my sisters," that they better win because she wants to go to a parade, and that she's sad for injured Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

But she has faith in "St. Nick," Eagles' quarterback Nick Foles.

The video had been viewed more than a million times as of Thursday, something Parks says has been "crazy to see."


What is the Philadelphia Eagles record in the Super Bowl heading into Sunday?


The Eagles are 0-2 in Super Bowls.

Sports on 02/03/2018

Print Headline: Crisco not enough for Philadelphia

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