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  1. Accept responsibility for doing a bad thing.

  2. Rise in order to make a speech.

  3. To take a position that is ahead of others

  4. Accept an offer to get you to do something.

  5. Give testimony in a court of law.

  6. Have a turn at pitching.

  7. To marry someone

  8. To refuse to answer on the grounds that one may incriminate himself

  9. Understand an insinuated message.


  1. Take the blame (fall) (rap)

  2. Take the floor

  3. Take the lead

  4. Take the bait (hook)

  5. Take the stand

  6. Take the mound

  7. Take the plunge (leap)

  8. Take the Fifth

  9. Take the hint

Weekend on 02/01/2018

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Take the _________

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