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After first year, are voters

getting used to the lying?

Who would have thought the United States voters would elect a president who will set a new world record on presidential lying this year. Presidents Washington and Lincoln, who were noted for their honesty, would be turning over in their graves.

When I was growing up in the '40s my parents told me it was wrong to tell a lie, and if I did I would be punished, and this threat encouraged me to tell the truth even though I was sometimes tempted to do otherwise. I also understood if a person develops a reputation as a liar such a character deficit is hard to shake and will always limit his chances of being a success. It remains to be seen if Trump will continue to get away with lying without consequences.

The president's base is so taken with him they either don't believe he has ever lied or don't care if he is a liar. He needs to keep these fans happy at all costs, so why not tell them what they want to hear, even if the statements are untrue. Without his base to support him, he would not last long as president. I wonder what his supporters tell their children about lying. Do they want them to grow up telling lies just like the president. Would this be good parenting?

Trump thrives on praise and adoration, and he is driven to make comments that support his claims of greatness, even though they are lies. It may be he is what is called a "compulsive liar" defined as someone who lies out of habit on matters large and small; often a person with low self-esteem. The fact he continues to discredit Obama's accomplishments and brag about what little he has accomplished while in office, supports the idea he is suffering from an ego problem. This is further evidenced by his reaction to someone who criticizes him, such as the media (except for the so-called Fox News) where he goes on an out-of-proportion counter-attack, as if to destroy his detractor.

As for the attitude of Congress, they don't appear to be concerned about Trump's lying, and are also afraid to take him on because of his reprisals against anyone who challenges him. Once again they remain on the sidelines waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting. They always have an excuse ready for remaining silent. We need to pray that some congressmen got a backbone for Xmas.

It has reached the point that every time Trump opens his mouth, your first reaction is to wonder if he is lying. With such character defect that is not open to debate, along with his tendency of a making a policy statement one day and changing it the next, it would be difficult for his audience, whether domestic or foreign , to put much trust in what he is saying.

Bass Trumbo


Do Republicans see

dangers of president?

I am deeply concerned about the behavior of our president. And while I respect Republican congressmen's desire to remain loyal to their party, I feel that at some point we have to put the good of our country first. Mr. Trump is absolutely off the rails. His words and actions are a constant reminder of that, and I find it extremely troubling. He has shown time and time again that he lacks the forethought, self-restraint and level-headedness required of someone in his position, which makes for a very dangerous situation indeed.

I find it hard to believe that those representing us in Washington don't see it, too.

Lee Witty

Commentary on 02/01/2018

Print Headline: NWA Letters To The Editor

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